Benefits Of B Series New Holland Backhoe Loaders

The well-known manufacturer of construction machines and equipment, New Holland, has launched its B-Series backhoe loaders that come with an incredible performance, power and capabilities. Since New Holland enjoys a global reputation in more than 170 countries, these backhoe loaders were quickly accepted. The B-Series includes six New Holland backhoe models, all featuring a 4.5-liter turbocharged engine, ranging from 95 to 108 horsepower. Each New Holland backhoe loader comes with unique specifications and features, but they are all capable of delivering remarkable torque and power for completing any loading, pushing or digging job in the safest and most efficient manner. The New Holland backhoe loaders from the B-Series offer many benefits and advantages. Read on to find out what these machines can offer on the job site.
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Great Lifting Performance

The New Holland backhoe loaders from the B-Series provide an incredible lifting performance and great breakout force. With improved dump reach, the New Holland backhoe loaders from this series allow the operators to dump material directly into dump trucks for quick loading/unloading and better payloads. These six New Holland backhoe loaders have breakout forces that range from 5,500kg to 6,900kg, which means that they are capable to operate efficiently even in the most challenging conditions.


Incredible Operator’s Comfort And Exceptional Visibility

With many innovative comfort and visibility features, the loaders from the B-Series boost the productivity in any job site. The windows are designed from the floor up to the ceiling, providing the operators great visibility. The new cabin also features a rear window with overhead sliding glass and a slight overhang for better protection. There is a two-lever control mechanism in the cabin and a pilot control option which provides continuous forward and backward movement.
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New Transmission Options & Attachment Supportive

The new transmission options which are included in the backhoe loaders from the B-Series are designed to satisfy the requirements of every customer. The Powershift provides 4 forward and 3 reverse gears, while the second transmission option, the Powershuttle has 4 forward and 4 reverse gears. Also, the B-Series New Holland backhoe loaders support a full range of attachments for completing a wide range of construction tasks.



In order to maximize the up-time and the profit, New Holland has designed its new backhoe loaders to be easy for maintenance and service. The hood of every New Holland backhoe can be easily opened, allowing the operators to easily perform daily inspections.