Bodum Glass Teapot – Your Ally To Better Health

I’m sure your reaction after reading the title was ‘Bodum glass teapot can improve my health? What?’. It does sound odd, maybe even bizarre you may say. But bear with me while I prove my point. In the end you’ll see I was right.

We all know just how healthy drinking tea is. People have been enjoying the health benefits of drinking tea for a very long time. In times when there weren’t medications, people relied extensively on the healing powers of plants. Today, in spite of all the medical solutions, in many countries, the culture of drinking tea has remained as an inseparable part of the daily routine.


See my point. To boost your health, you need to drink tea daily. But to make tea, you need a teapot. So, when you do all the calculations (come on, it’s a simple linear equation with one variable), the end result is – a teapot will help you boost your health. Truth be told, investing in a quality teapot is one of the best things you can do for your mind and body. And the award for the ‘best teapot’ goes to Bodum.

Bodum glass teapot was designed after the British Tea Council (it’s a real thing) has asked the brand to develop a better way of brewing tea. The ‘no filter removal-no mess-no burned fingers’ system is what makes Bodum glass teapot a must-have and your new best friend and ally to your health. So, say goodbye to coffee as tea is making a comeback.

Before I go over all the benefits of different teas, let me quickly explain how to make a perfect tea with your Bodum teapot. First of all, this gadget is super simple to use. What you need to do is boil water first and let it rest (NEVER pour boiling water over your tea as the tea will not be as flavourful). Next, decide how many cups you want to make and how strong you want your tea. Place tea leaves in the strainer, pour water (little by little), cover with the lid (do not push the plunger down) and let your tea steep for as long as you want. Push the plunger down, which will compress all the tea leaves and the brewing process is complete.

So, we got that covered. Let’s go over the benefits of different teas you can brew with your Bodum glass teapot.

  • Nettle Tea – Nettle is prickly little plant that provides an array of health benefits. This tea is proven to improve digestion; boost iron levels in your blood; reduce high blood pressure, inflammation, gingivitis and much more.
  • Green Tea – Camellia sinensis, popularly known as green tea, is the plant numerous scientists have proven to be rich in antioxidants. The health benefits of green tea include: supports weight loss; reduce the risk of stroke, arteries clogging and cancer.
  • Mint Tea – Prepare a cup of mint tea with your Bodum glass teapot daily to reduce stress, relieve sinus inflammation, loose weight, clean your skin and last but not least, deal stomach problems such as bloating and gas.
  • Black Tea – Fermented black tea contains high amount of caffeine which makes it a good substitute for coffee. It is known for having the power to protect lungs from cigarette smoke and reduce the risk of stroke.
  • Parsley Tea – This plant loaded with vitamin C, B12, K and A will improve your digestion; relax your muscles; flush the excess water out of your body; help you with hair loss; relieve pain from you joints; boost your immune system and much more.