Camping Gear Essentials: Choose Thetford Toilets for Home-Like Convenience

Life is about enjoying the fresh air and breathtaking landscapes on camping trips, especially in a world as we’re in now that’s deeply rooted in technology. Lucky for us in Australia, it’s a tradition we have left from our ancestors so we don’t have to be told how to make the most of nature. Thanks to this, we also have a range of camping locations to choose from that have all the commodities we can dream of having in our homes away from home.

Among those commodities are portable toilets. Which are important aspects of such adventures. They’re a way of having home-like privacy and comfort guaranteed even when camping and are as useful as portable showers when you’re out in the open. Whether you’re on your way with an RV or a campervan, or even up for some tent adventures, there are plenty of compact Thetford toilets to choose from. Thetford happens to be one of the brands that stand out with its range of innovative designs with quality sturdy yet lightweight moulds, as well as useful features and convenient prices.

thetford toilets

Are Thetford Toilets Good?

It’s a genuine question to ask because after all the market is abundant in options of brands and handy toilets, and you want to ensure you spend your hard-earned money well. Don’t worry, the answer is yes, otherwise they wouldn’t have grown into a globally-renown name as they have since their humble beginning in 1963 with their cassette toilet that quickly turned into a success.

What you may also not know is this brand is responsible for coining the term porta-potty, which later on turned into a generic term used for all portable toilets and not just for this brand’s products specifically. This ought to give you an idea of how good their toilets are! Another reason for their decades-long success comes from their favourable three-year warranty.

In addition, you’d come to love the Thetford toilets for ease of use and low maintenance with less chance of unpleasant odours. And, even if your main concern is the odour, they also have a range of toilet care products created to help you maintain and clean your portable toilet to ensure both hygiene and durability.

Moreover, the waste tank comes equipped with a handle that makes it easy to transport to the disposal area. You can additionally buy their carry bag accessory fit for all of the Porta Potti models. This is a handy purchase that further adds to your privacy if you consider how well it conceals the fact you’re carrying your own waste to and fro the campsite. On the plus side too, some of their RV-related toilet models are interchangeable which is great to know in case you need an upgrade or replacement of the same quality.


The Types of Thetford Toilets

While it all started out with cassette toilets for this brand, things changed with their intent to provide the varying customer needs with a reliable and compact design of Thetford camping toilet, so nowadays you can also find their porta potties besides the traditional i.e. permanent toilets.

To make the best pick out of these three, you should do some thorough consideration based on the waste capacity and duration of your trip, the ease of use and profile type which have a say in comfort, as well as the material for the durability, and the sanitation chores besides the price.

Cassette Toilets

Although similar to the porta-potties, the cassette toilets are perfect if you’re looking for more freedom and flexibility with where you can dispose of the waste. You’re no longer limited to looking for RV dump stations since they’re suitable for city park toilets as much as campgrounds and interstate bathrooms.

Quick, easy to dispose of and clean, it’s everything you could want in terms of practicality when camping. It’s even more hygienic considering the waste storage tank is accessed from the outside. Still, despite the fact you don’t have to look for RV dump stations, it’s advisable not to wait too long before you dispose of the waste to make cleaning easier.

cassette toilets


Same as the cassette toilets, these don’t separate solids from liquids, and you have to dispose of the waste yourself. However, keep in mind this type of compact Thetford caravan toilet is easy to install and handle due to the lightweight design that comes in two convenient sections: the upper water tank and toilet bowl, and the lower waste tank that comes with an integrated cover lock.

The flushing mechanism is added to prolong the life of your toilet and make cleaning time significantly simpler. It can be in three types: the manual piston and bellows, and the electric flush that works with a button. You also have a thoughtful vent button added for splash-free emptying.

Permanent Toilets

If you’re not concerned with space, and you don’t have to go on the compact side of the Thetford toilets range then you can certainly add one of these to your motorised home to get the home-like toilet experience. The benefit of these compact models with residential-sized covers and seats is they don’t come in that low of a profile, which is good for convenient use.

The difference from your home toilet is the lack of a water tank, so they can only be used when attached to an external water source. Lastly, you can count on a convenient and effective full-bowl flush with an easy-to-operate handle or foot flush pedal.