Child-Proofing a Toddler’s Bedroom

Kids are really our blessings in life. Getting the role of a parent is something special, and it gives you the strength you never knew you had inside. It also gives you the inspiration, creativity, and many talents you weren’t aware of previously. The perfect example for this would be combining all of these together when trying to make that toddler bedroom hazard-free, or in other words, the child-proofing project. You have to be creative!

Toddlers are fun; as soon as they start talking, walking, and running, it’s all smiles for the parents, and yet, also worries. The curiosity of toddlers can be so big, that the possibilities of them getting in trouble can just keep increasing – particularly in a room of their own. Imagine your toddler, in its room, alone. As soon as your bundle of joy outgrows the crib, it’s time for a bed and the thought might scare you, but not necessarily so when you choose to buy the right choice of toddler beds.


By that I mean beds that are the mix of many positive features, such as convertible bed frame (a design that allows the bed to grow with your kids), adjustable mattress from toddler’s bed to a single bed size mattress, and bed rails providing the much needed protection against falling accidents. Place the bed against a wall to increase security. You get bonus points of a good bed purchase if you choose one of the toddler beds that have a storage compartment underneath, to help you keep that room well-organised, without any sight of clutter.

Once you’ve rest assured the bed has rails, up next, you have to take care of other pieces of furniture. Any piece of furniture can turn out to be a threat for your toddler if it’s not safely secured from falling. There have been far too many such accidents, some even being the cause of death to many toddlers, and you can avoid this by securing furniture pieces to the wall with wall straps. Also, it’s best to keep a TV away from that room.

Windows are another element that has to be looked into. Remember to place toys away from the windows, and anything that might grab your toddler’s attention in that direction. You can add a mesh window guard for additional protection, and forget about long curtains if you want to put tangling accidents out of the list. Likewise, don’t use blinds with cords, but opt for the cordless type instead.


Place any small objects away as they could cause choking accidents, knowing how much toddlers love putting things in their mouth. Plush toys without any buttons on them are the ideal toys. Then there’s electricity; hide away any wires with wire guards, and cover up the electric sockets with specialised safe plates. If all of this still doesn’t entirely rid your worries, it’s advisable to install a monitoring system.