The Power Of Shopping Bags: Dress Your Business for Success

At a first glance, bags have a simple purpose – they help you carry products from the store to your home, but you might be surprised to find out the ways in which they can impacts you business’ advertisement potential.

Choosing the right way to advertise is one of the most important things when running any kind of business and there are a lot of options, among which is also bag advert. This has a big impact on your popularity and memorability, so why not invest it in. When choosing the right type of bag for your business it’s important to consider what you’re selling, how big it is and how heavy. Luckily you can find bags in a lot of diverse sizes and shapes.


Materials Matter

Whether you prefer ‘plastic or paper’, again depends on what kind of product you’re selling, but paper bags tend to be considered more ‘green’, and they are. Paper bags are made from biodegradable fibers, such as bamboo, cotton and wood that are great for the environment and right now, eco-friendly is probably one of the best ways to advertise. People tend to associate ‘green’ with a better hygiene value. So custom made paper bags is a smart choice when thinking popularity and crowd-pleasing.

Colour Coded

A lot of companies use logo-prints on their bags to advertise, but occupying the bag with just one picture is not space efficient. If you put your logo on it, why not add a quote, or a link to your web-site on the bag. One thing that slips under the radar is the colour of the bag, because it can be a fantastic way to add memorability and believe it or not, but it can also affect the mood of your customer. You can find custom made paper bags in a big variety of colours online.

The Impact and Meaning of Colours

  • Red – Passionate, Aggressive, Important (This colour can be associated with both love and war)
  • Orange – Playful, Energetic, Fun (This colour is energetic and some say creates haste);
  • Yellow – Happy, Friendly, Warning (This colour is one of the most noticeable colours from a distance and depending of the shade, it can evoke both happiness or anxiety, the use of lighter shades is advised);
  • Green – Nature, Stable, Prosperous (This colour is often associated with the outdoors and is best used to suggest organic products);
  • Blue – Professional, Trustworthy, Inviting (This colour is very dominant in the advertising community because it simulates trust);
  • Purple – Mysterious, Mystical, Luxurious (This colour associates royalty, thus it is most commonly used to address elegance).

Using this simple guide, you can decide on the colour of your custom made plastic bags. If you’re looking for more inspiration, take a look at how the pros are chosing their colours, such as facebook, tumblr and twitter. This can prove to be a very successful way to market and keep costumers coming back.