Compact Loaders Can Be Very Beneficial

Too often the access to a job site is restricted and the tough, large equipment cannot be used for important tasks. In such situations, it may be best to acquire a narrow-space specialist: a skid-steer or a compact track loader. These two types of loaders may not be huge in size, but are powerful enough to handle toughest tasks and are ideal for applications in narrow spaces.


Why Skid-Steer/Compact Track Loaders?

There are million of reasons why you should buy a skid-steer or a compact track loader, and significant labor cost saving is one of them. Many contractors invest in compact loaders rather than hiring additional workers. The loader will never complain of sore back pains and is ready to work whenever needed. It is much more efficient to use a compact loader in a narrow space to get a correct grad, than to use a shovel. Larger equipment, means less efficiency, less maneuverability and in some cases, impossible to fit in smaller areas. The smaller loaders can maneuver around a job site quickly and easily, and are becoming of great importance in construction industry.

Which Manufacturer Offers Quality Compact Loaders?

When it comes to choosing the most reliable and durable loaders, Case loader models are known exactly as such. Case has an experience of almost 200 years and it is worth considering a Case loader, regardless of the application. There are two main Case loader models, skid-steer and a compact track loader, both able to work in areas where larger equipment cannot access. But do you know what features make the Case loader models so efficient? Here are few.

  • A turbo-charged diesel engine that enhances the productivity during loading and excavating;
  • High-flow hydraulic systems;
  • Electronic monitoring of all parts of the loaders;
  • Accurate joystick controls;
  • Two-speed transmissions that save a lot of travel time when moving from one to another job site;
  • Spacious and comfortable cabins with great visibility;

Although the loader is generally used for lighter applications, the Case loader is also capable of carrying out some tough applications. Each Case loader comes with a great amount of power and is able to handle a variety of jobs that are traditionally performed by larger loaders. The demand for skid-steer and compact track loaders is higher than ever, which is why many manufacturers have increased the production of these durable machines and so did the Case.