Easy Guide On How To Choose A Log Loader

A log loader is a mechanically operated machine used in the forestry sector for lifting and moving wooden logs. It comes equipped with a boom and a hydraulic grapple for catching the wooden logs. There are many different models of log loaders with different features and configurations, but they all have the same advantages. The log loader has a fully rotational grapple that can rotate up to 360 degrees, specifically designed for long reach.. It is lightweight and easy for transportation, durable and is definitely one of the most versatile machines that can be found in the forestry sector.


For achieving desired results, you need to select the right log loader. Here are the best log loaders from most popular log loader manufacturers.

Caterpillar – Caterpillar is one of the most respected manufacturers of construction and mining equipment. The Caterpillar B-Series trailer-mount knuckle-boom log loader has a powerful engine and hydraulic system that is fuel-efficient while providing the most optimal performance. The hydraulic power system delivers significantly faster boom speed, quicker grapple action and improved productivity. The Caterpillar D-Series log loader is our second suggestion from the Caterpillar log loader range. It is manufactured especially for tough jobs in the woods, mainly because it has a high and wide ground clearance undercarriage, strong frame and a fully protective cab.

John Deere – Consider the John Deere D-Series, the John Deere 2454D and three updated models of it. The upgraded models of the D-Series offer more benefits and improved features, such as the Tier 3 compliant engine that has more horsepower and improved hydraulics (stronger and with a better flow). They come with improved boom, undercarriage components, guarding systems, upgraded cooling system, remote filters and many other new features which all together contribute towards high productivity rate and low maintenance cost. Each model can be used with different attachments depending on the nature of the work.

Liebherr – The Liebherr A-924C is our third suggestion for a superior log loader. This is a powerful and durable machine capable of completing any kind of forestry task. With maximum travel speed of 20km/h and maximum operating weight of 28,000 kg, the A-924C can match any forestry job. This log loader is easy to maneuver, has long reach and an optional all-wheel steering, which makes it able to work even in the most complex timber yards. Its comfort hydraulic cab allows lifting wooden logs up to 5 meters in height and features suspension seat, allowing an operator to feel comfortable.

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