Funny Ways to Make Your Baby Laugh

Soon after your baby’s first smile, comes his first laugh – one of the most wonderful parenting moments you’ve been waiting for. Laughter is one of the first and most important steps in learning to communicate and socialize. With a little time, patience, and stimulation, your little one will be laughing and playing peekaboo with your before you know it.

Make Your Baby Laugh

So, start practicing your best funny faces, hilarious dance moves, and learn how to keep those giggles coming, because once you hear your baby’s laugh, you won’t be able to get enough of that sweet sound. Here are a few simple and funny ways to make your little one laugh out loud!

Silly Dances

A silly dance is one of the best ways to encourage your baby to giggle. Dancing always gets the babies laughing, especially when you do a silly dance. While you’re dancing, try to make funny noises and silly faces – let go of all the inhibitions. Your bundle of joy will be smiling from head to toe and will most likely try to imitate you.

Funny Sounds

Strange noises, animal sounds of imitations of your favorite cartoon characters are one of the most common ways to make your baby giggle. Try changing your voice, say words that you think are funny or imitate the sounds that animals make. Oink like a pig or bark like a dog – these funny sounds will always make your baby laugh out loud.

Goofy Faces

Goofy faces can also inspire baby laughs. Pull a funny face by sticking your tongue out at him, pretending to sneeze or squeezing your face – anything you can do to look weird and silly. Your hilarious facial expressions will get your little one laughing so hard every time and he will probably try to imitate you too.

Funny Baby Songs

So what if you can’t sing? Your baby doesn’t care and might even find it funnier if you can’t. Sing funny baby songs that involve silly gestures and unusual noises, to make your little one burst into laughter. Studies have shown that singing songs to babies helps them learn to distinguish individual sound and syllables, which will eventually help them connect letters and sounds.


Peek-a-boo is a tried and tested way to make your baby laugh out loud. Babies love playing this popular game with their moms. When you know for sure that your baby is watching you, suddenly make your face disappear behind your hands, or brightly colored blanket. After a second or two, reveal yourself and say peek-a-boo. This can keep your baby entertained for hours.


When all else fails, try to tickle gently your baby’s feet, inner thighs, chin, tummy, or armpits. You will surely be rewarded with uncontrollable laughter. Sometimes, you may not even need to tickle your baby to get those giggles. Seeing you getting ready to tickle him, will be enough to make your little one laugh.