Gift Ideas to Replace Screen Time and Keep Kids Active

Getting some fresh air is ideal for helping children (and adults for that matter) shake off a bad mood and just feel better. Jumping, running around, and climbing makes all children much happier and healthier. It also exhausts them in preparation for bedtime. Going outside, playing outside, or just being outdoors provides a long list of advantages for them. This is why giving children gifts that encourage them to be physically stimulated and burn off all of their pent-up energy is such a vital part of their development.

Kids Scooter

picture of two little girls riding kids scooter outside
source: Mikita Yo on Unsplash

Parents used to struggle to get their children home on time; now the times have changed and they must devise strategies to get them away from their phones and reduce screen time. One of the activities worth trying to get your kid stimulated is riding a scooter. A kids scooter appeals to children because it promotes the joy of movement rather than just a performance. Additionally, there are also many physical benefits to riding a scooter.

Riding a scooter can strengthen your little one’s motor skills, improve balance, and allow them to enjoy exercise in the open air. Practising balance and visual-motor coordination (eye-hand connection) with a scooter will also make learning to ride a bicycle much easier for them.

And luckily, getting one is just at the tip of your fingers. You can browse for and order your kids scooter online from the convenience of your home. You should consider the physical size of your child (this is a more practical consideration than the age of the child) when buying a kids scooter online and the overall motor skills (or physical abilities) of the child.

With proper practice, having mastered how to ride and take care of a scooter (parking, storing) will also benefit your child in other ways besides physically. Having a scooter can teach them how to take charge and be in control of their own responsibilities, which will greatly prepare them for life down the road. A scooter can also assist children in making new friends and having fun together.

Play Tunnel and Climbing Dome

picture of a kid on a play tunnel and climbing dome in a yard on grass

The tall climbing dome features real rock climbing hand grips and powder-coated steel construction. The climbing dome combined with a little children’s play tunnel is a great option for outdoor fun and adventures. The rock climbing hand grips contribute to the development of strong muscles and coordination in children. On their outdoor jungle gym, your kids and their friends will spend hours creating new games and scenarios. The tunnel is also a great entertainment option to pull inside to play with during bad weather.

Beginner Skateboarding Kit

Aside from a cool-looking skateboard, protective gear, like a skateboard-specific helmet, wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads and appropriate shoes (that also look cool) are all a part of this very exciting sport. You can decide if this is the ideal sport for your child based on their desire and interest in it. But, if they’re truly into it, be sure to support them in the beginning because they’re always a little tough, not just for kids but also for adults. It will take some practice for kids to learn to balance on a moving board when they are first learning to ride.

When searching for a board, look for those that have been evaluated and described as stable and sturdy. A crooked board results in a wonky ride, which can be disappointing to newcomers.

Super Cool Helmet

picture of a kid riding a bike outside wearing super cool helmet
source: David Clarke on Unsplash

If your kid is riding their bike, scooter, skateboard and whatnot, one of the best and most creative ways to ensure that they never forget their protective and life-saving gear is to get them a really cool helmet. Unique looking helmets inspires children to get on their bikes and kids trikes safely. You can purchase or additionally have your helmet decorated at home as an inspiration by a superhero they like, or one that resembles their favorite animal, a Disney princess, a rockstar, etc. We all know that it doesn’t take much to stir up children’s imagination so next thing you know, they’re off to a new adventure!

Martial Arts Membership

So, at what age should your child begin martial arts? Although some studios offer training for children as young as three years old, it is advised that youngsters begin martial arts at the age of five or six. Martial arts can benefit children in all of the ways that a sport can with a special focus on giving them coordination skills, confidence, self-defenses skills, and discipline.

If your child desires to compete, you should probably wait until they are at least eight years old. This way they will be more emotionally mature as a result and will be better able to deal with losing or winning competitions, obeying rules, and settling into a routine. Whatever martial art you choose for your children — or they choose for themselves (for example Taekwondo or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu)— they will receive the many physical and psychological benefits of learning it.

When the Outside Is Out of Reach – Inspire Indoor Playtime Through Creative Furniture

picture of kid indoor playing in kids kitchen
source: Tatiana Syrikova on pexels

Many youngsters will begin the new school year partially or completely online, and many of their favourite after-school hangouts—gyms, libraries, and arts-and-crafts studios—may remain closed. This is why kids can benefit from having their own creative space at home because they spend so much time there. And although budget and space constraints can make this difficult for many families, you might not even realise how much space you have until you get rid of a few things and rearrange some things around the house.

Depending on your child’s personality and preferences, walk-in closets, garages, patios, and yards are all fair game as much as the big outdoors. There’s also plenty of children’s indoor furniture you can put in there and leave the rest up to their imagination which is boundless and inspiring for us, adults, to observe in awe!