How Should I Care For My Wig?

Wigs are being increasingly used and not just to hide baldness or other form of hair loss, but for everyday and for special occasions as well. One of the biggest advantages of wearing a wig is the versatility. They come in different styles – short, long, curly, etc. and you can also choose between synthetic and human hair wigs. The difference is in the quality and price. Human hair wigs are more expensive as they are made out of real human hair, thus last longer and are easier to care for. Therefore, your initial cost may be higher, but in the long run, remy wigs are a better investment. For extra savings, buy wigs online.


When you buy wigs online, make sure you do from a reputable supplier. Many claim to offer genuine human hair wigs, but lie. To ensure you do not get ripped off, do your homework before you buy wigs online. Research online for the most reputable wigs retailer that has high customer rating. Read other people’s reviews, learn more about the supplier (for example, how long they’ve been in business, etc.), read their return and shipping policy and make sure the supplier offers a 100% guarantee on all hair products.


Whether you buy wigs online or from a specialized wig store, the care routine is the same. Just as your natural hair needs proper care in order to look pretty and healthy, so do wigs. Here are some tips on how you should care for your wig.


  • Do Not Wash Every Day – Washing your wig often can cause hair shedding and bald patches. Depending on your daily activities, wash the wig once every four weeks. Also, use warm water for human hair wigs and cold for synthetic ones;
  • Brush Carefully – Before you wash the wig, brush it carefully, from tip to root to prevent tangling;
  • Care Products – Use only shampoo and conditioner specially formulated for wigs. Moreover, do not rub or massaging the shampoo into the wig, as this cause tangling and stress at crown;


Here’s how to properly wash your wig


  • Fill a bowl with warm or cold water (depending on wig type) put shampoo in the water and the wig in the bowl. Leave the wig to soak for about five minutes to allow any residue to come loose. Afterward, rinse the wig from roots to ends, under running water. Rinse it twice appling big amount of conditioner in between the rinses. Gently place the wig onto a towel and gently roll, allowing the excess water to be absorbed. Place your wig on a stand and with a detangling comb, carefully comb the wig making sure not to touch the base. After the wig has dried a little, you can blow-dry it and style it the way you want.