How To Make Your Partner Go Wild

The day your sex life becomes a mundane routine, is practically the day it ceases existing. The most important ingredient for keeping the spark alive is introducing novelties and surprises every now and then. Apart from that, both of you need to stay open and communicate with each other without suppressing your personal fantasies and needs which in turn may result in drifting apart.


Awaken Your Inner Bad-Self

Once in a while, everyone wants to feel as if the control is completely in the hands of their partner, and for doing so, you will need to let both your language and body go wild. Talking about what you want to do to your partner without asking them whether that’s OK and starting to do it without any further announcement, might turn out as the best turn on you both have experienced so far. Next time, your partner may also decide to use this technique of domination, of course, provided you both know each other well enough as to prevent doing something that will be considered unacceptable for the other side.

Don’t Make Plans, Do It

After a while, especially in serious relationships where partners live together, lovers tend to talk about having sex more than they do it. Sadly, these talks usually include remembering the times when their sex life was way more fun and spiced up. The shocking thing is that they go on talking about where and when will their next sexy minutes play out, instead of taking advantage of the moment. The truth spoken, this may be the very thing that ruins the sex magic. Whenever two lovers can go truly wild together, a level of mystery and unpredictability must be present. Knowing that those moments will happen at some point in the future may not be the best tactic. Instead, simply catch the wave, without any consideration of further place and time and make love to your partner the way you both have been longing for.

Adult Toys

Last but not least, bringing in a few adult toys in the bedroom can heat the atmosphere to the much desired level when all of the fantasies go unleashed, the durability of the pleasure is maximized and the effort is minimal. If you are not certain about the reaction that your partner might have to adult toys, you can discreetly bring the topic on a quiet night out, or be bold enough to surprise him/her. Have fun.