How to Nail Every Detail of Your Wedding Venue Decorations

Wedding reception decorations


Most couples want to put a unique spin on their big day, but choosing the perfect wedding venue decorations can be an overwhelming task. The right décor will enhance your venue and carry out your wedding theme, however, there are many different ideas to choose from and it can be hard to narrow down the best for your style and needs. To help your make the right decision here is all you need to know about choosing your wedding decorations.

Identify the Theme for Your Big Day

Elegant wedding reception


Your decoration and theme allow you to reflect your style, whether it’s vintage, romantic, rustic, minimal bohemian, alternative or natural, and make your wedding day more personal. Decide a style, theme and feel for your day and stick to it, so all the different parts will follow and create a seamless finish. Whether you choose simple and traditional wedding décor or something more unique and unusual, you need to make sure you plan the overall look of your day.

Adding a Special Touch to the Ceremony

Alter wedding decor


The ceremony is the most important part of your wedding day, so you need to make it beautiful and memorable. When it comes to choosing wedding ceremony decorations, alter décor is a top priority, but if you want to jazz things up, you can decorate your wedding aisle in a more personalised way by adding a welcome sign and ceremony programs.

Also, it’s always a good idea to choose comfortable benches or chairs, carefully select bouquets for bridesmaids and the bride and boutonnieres for groomsmen and the groom and pay attention to details such as a flower basket for the flower girl and a ring pillow for the ring bearer.

Wedding Reception Decor

Wedding venue decorations


The reception is where you and your guests will spend most of the time and depending on how many people will be attending, you can choose wedding venue decorations and celebrate your big day as you’ve always imagined it. The décor makes the most immediate impact and ties your energy together as a couple. It’s a manifestation of your love and communicates the joy of being together.

Whatever your wedding theme is, there is plenty of decoration ideas to express your personality as a couple. The little touches can easily become the most memorable moments of your day, especially if they are unique to you as a couple.

Flowers can make one of the biggest statements of your wedding day, whether you opt for faux-flowers or ferns and greenery. If you are looking for a standout wedding decoration, consider a greenery wall. It can bring freshness into your reception space, but also it can serve as an interesting photo backdrop.

However, flowers are not reserved only for your centrepieces. If you want to create a more intimate, but not overwhelming feel, consider hanging flowers from the ceiling, which will add dimension to the room and make your venue feel sophisticated and unique.

When it comes to creating an intimate atmosphere, you can lower the lighting installations if your venue allows it. Having chandeliers and lighting fixtures hanging just above the tables can give the entire space a warm and unique feel.

Lighting is an important element of your wedding reception décor and depending on your taste and style preferences, you can choose lights in various colours to wash the walls with coloured light or projectors that project patterns or images onto walls, hanging lanterns, lanterns for the tables, candles and tea lights and more.

Using swathes of fabric that hang from the ceiling and/or walls, strategically placed, can add a sense of glamour and occasion to the day. Venue drapes can be found in any colour, so you can choose a colour scheme that suits your reception venue perfectly.

If you want to keep it formal, go with drapes, but if you want to create an avant-garde look, then you can opt for coloured material. For a rustic finish, try to string lights above the fabric to cast a soft glow over the room. Draped ceilings can easily become the centrepiece of your wedding venue décor, so you may want to keep the rest of it minimal to avoid overwhelming the area.

Table Decor

Wedding table decor


Since dinner is the longest your guests will remain in one place at your wedding, you want to make it extraordinary. Choose linens, table runners and flowers that are proportional to your space as you want your wedding décor to complement the area, instead of overpowering it. Towering arrangements might be distracting for your guests. Simple wedding reception decorations can make just as much of a statement and serve as impactful centrepieces.

You can mix high and low arrangements throughout the room for visual balance and dimension, but when it comes to centrepieces you need to make sure they are below the chin or above heads, so your guests can talk without any interruptions.

If flower arrangements are not enough for your ideal table décor setup, you can play with your china shapes and depth to your wedding place settings in a seemingly effortless way. You can make an aesthetically pleasing impact with simple details, like adding an angular plate to a round charger, for instance.

Don’t forget your cocktail hour décor and make your bar or drink station fun and attractive with florals, signage, unique wraps, napkins and drink stirrers. In the end, make sure to thank your family and friends for their attendance and support with wedding favours and consider some interesting ideas to show them your appreciation and love.