How to Pick the Best Soldering Irons

If you one of those DIY guys that tinkers with electronic, yet you get annoyed because you cannot find good quality soldering irons, you have landed on the right article. There is nothing better than a newly bought soldering iron and busting down after 1 hour of usage – the irony (get me a soldering iron to melt the irony… oh wait!) Whenever this happens thousand of kittens scream in despair because of bad quality and craftsmanship. Yes, the market is filled with cheap rip-offs, but do not despair again, super-tech-guy is here. Together we will go through all the tricky topics you may encounter while you cut the time wasted and nerve shattering to zero. While there are some users that use their soldering irons for more than 15 years, after a few years go by, it is a good idea to buy a new one. It is important to note that the technology behind the soldering iron hasn’t changed a lot and most retailers usually stock all different types of soldering irons.

soldering irons

Simple Iron

This is the most everyday type of soldering iron that is used by people today. It has a power rating of 15 and 35 watts and it can tackle almost all electronics service tasks. Manufacturing companies pay special attention to the iron inside when there is the need of uncontrolled temperature. For instance, when there is the need to heat bigger objects, the temperature starts to drop as to provide more consistent heating.

Soldering Station

A soldering station is composed of temperature display, soldering head with integrated tip sensors that measures the temperature. The docking mechanism is a standard addition with every soldering station to keep the iron safe when it is not in use and sponge accessory that is used for cleaning the soldering tip.

Soldering Tweezers

This soldering iron is made by two soldering tweezers that are usually used for surface-mounted components, commonly for electronic units that have two or more terminals. Their functions goes along with most transistors, diodes, batteries and capacitors. Manufacturers designed the soldering tweezers to be detached or used from a working station. Every tip of the soldering tweezers is heated and used when users gently squeeze against an electrical circuitry.

Soldering Gun

Soldering guns are designed by the manufacturers to look as cordless hand drills. The tip of this soldering iron rapidly cools which means that the guns need to be kept safely in a holster. It is commonly used by DIY enthusiasts who wants their soldering guns to be more convenient and to have an easy to use mechanism.


Whether you are a professional electrician or DIY enthusiast, picking the right one from the wide range of soldering irons can be tricky. However, with this information at hand, you can now easily see which type of soldering iron is the most suitable for you.