How to Wear Man Sandals Without Looking Out of Place

Men wearing sandals have long been looked down by style purists who argue that sandals belong at the beach. They argue that nobody wants to see men’s hairy toes when they’re at a restaurant, and while I agree that unkempt toenails can be quite the disturbing sight, the truth of the matter is – men have been wearing sandals for far longer than they’ve been wearing any other type of footwear. Let’s face it, nothing feels as good as having your feet liberated in the Australian scorching heat.

mens sandals

However, that doesn’t mean that you should walk around barefooted without any impunity. There are a couple of simple “rules” you should follow to make sure you and your comfortable mens sandals belong where you plan on going.

First things first, rubber sandals belong on the beach, in the gym shower or boardwalk. You shouldn’t be wearing them around the city, not only because they aren’t stylish, but also because your feet will pick up quite a bit of dirt and germs. Then, if you wear socks, although it may feel quite nice, you’re going to look silly no matter what. If you’re putting on socks, you might as well wear shoes.

Further, unless you’re at a resort, you shouldn’t be wearing sandals during night time. Just wear some covered footwear like loafers or whatever floats your boat. Basically, don’t wear them for any occasion that’s more formal than a backyard barbeque. And lastly, as obvious as it sounds, make sure your toenails are in decent shape. You don’t need to get a pedicure, although pedicures can be quite amazing, believe it or not, but at least clip them properly and trim the unruly toe hairs.

Now that you know where you shouldn’t wear sandals, here’s what you should look for when buying comfortable mens sandals. For a manly, classic and luxurious look, leather is your best bet. Something like Bottega Venetta can be an excellent choice. Leather is the most popular choice because brown sandals are extremely versatile and go well with a wide range of pants and shorts. If Bottega Venetta don’t appeal to you, then you might like the Birkenstocks sandals. They’re constantly going in and out of fashion, but they’re definitely one of the classics that only get better with time. They feature a slingback which makes them sturdier, and they won’t flop off your feet.