Invest In Your Audio Equipment and Studio Slowly

If you think this post is going to be about how to equip a recording studio like the one Jay-Z works in, than you either think audio equipment is way too cheap, or you have some really high beginner’s ambitions. Either way, optimism is what makes us move forward right? Opening a recording studio is a big step, and congratulations if you’re making that decision. The thing to have in mind though, is that contrary to most things in life, starting an audio recording studio is supposed to be a slow process.

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Why, you’ll ask; The answer is very simple: creating music is not something you can do following a pattern; it’s an evolving process, and what you consider very trendy and pleasant to the ear today, may need to evolve into something more modern tomorrow. So, starting your recording studio slowly and upgrading it over time as your needs dictate is the only logical option.

First things first: buying basic audio gear for your studio.

When you search through audio equipment Melbourne online or offline retailers, don’t rush into spending all your money on fancy pieces you still have no idea how to use; it’s pointless. Instead, get only the basic gear you need to start recording. And if you are having doubts about which brand to choose, ask for a recommendation; the staff in most audio equipment Melbourne stores and customer service offices are mainly people who are really familiar with the entire process of recording.

Why only basic recording gear?

I am not saying you do not know your way around sound equipment; on the contrary, since you are visiting a sound equipment Melbourne store or web-site, it is logical that you know what you are looking for. The point is, since you are still a beginner, it is good to start slowly so that you know the direction in which you are going to go; for example, if you buy more than one microphone, and record a bunch of sessions with only one of them, you basically only scratched the surface of the entire potential of those microphones. Waste of money? Exactly.

You should get more value over time from your investment.

Once you have all the gear from the audio systems Melbourne retailer delivered to your studio you’re going to start creating some magic. But as I said before, recording music is an ever-evolving creative process, so while you are using your current DAW, an upgraded version is preparing to come out. What are you going to do? Rushing to buy the upgraded version is not the right answer, if you were thinking of it. Instead, you should use the current DAW and create pieces with it, sell them and make money which after a planned period of time, you’re going to invest in a new DAW. That’s called : getting the biggest return on your investment, or in simpler terms, try to get the most out of it before you throw it away.

Finally, money matters.

Ok, so Jay-Z has a state-of-the-art recording studio. But he also has a lot of money. You on the other hand may not be in such favourable financial position, and although eager to make your dream a reality, DO NOT get a second mortgage on your home for your audio equipment. You will just become a slave to the financial institutions. Start with the basic elements and work your way up; the results will eventually show you in which direction your future investments in the studio should go.

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