It’s the Era When Even Flashlights Evolved to be Super Specific

A flashlight, also known as a torch, is a portable, battery operated device designed to provide light. It features three main parts: the material from which it is made, the battery, and the light source – which can be either a LED (light emitting diode) or an incandescent light bulb. When it comes to being able to see in the dark, a flashlight is the best tool to have in hand. Whether for camping trips, power outages, hunting, diving and biking in the dark, or simply for using it around the house, a flashlight will help you see things clearly. Since different tasks require different types of light, different types of flashlights have been designed over the years to meet the demands of different users.Types Of_Flashlights

Utility Flashlights

Commonly seen in household’s toolboxes, this type can either have a LED or an incandescent light bulb. Although flashlights with incandescent light bulbs are less expensive, a great part of their light energy is wasted as heat, so their battery usually has a short lifespan. LED flashlights, on the other hand, have a higher initial cost but last much longer as they don’t produce heat. Plus, LED lights are available in different colours such as blue, red and white light (which people tend to find more natural than the yellow colour of incandescent lights).

Heavy Duty Flashlights

Made of heavy plastic and composites, this type of flashlight is used in industries. It is designed to withstand rough handling and is filled with gas (usually xenon, krypton or halogen) which makes the bulb brighter and also helps extend the life of the filament. Still, LED lights last longer than these. Heavy duty flashlights are usually water resistant, but not entirely waterproof. Two alkaline E-cell batteries are used to increase the average battery life.

Tactical Flashlights

Portable lighting solutions designed for military and law enforcement purposes, these types of flashlights are commonly used for hunting. They are water resistant and come with aircraft grade aluminum or high-grade components. The lens is also made of scratch resistant material. Tactical flashlights are considered a truly effective form of portable lighting.

Head or Helmet-Mounted Flashlights

Head or helmet flashlights have been designed to allow users total freedom of movement. Usually worn on the head, they leave your hands free to accomplish any task you need to. These flashlights can also be adapted to bike handlebars, helmets or belts. Despite their small size, they are powerful, robust, ergonomic and pretty easy to use.

Diving Flashlights

As their name implies, these flashlights are designed for diving. With an ability to work under pressure, high-quality diving flashlights can withstand depths of over 100m.