Jaw Crusher – A Vital Piece Of Crushing And Screening Equipment

When a crushing machine is needed, the jaw crusher is the most common choice. The jaw crusher is a traditional crushing tool, widely used in quarries, construction and mining sites. It is designed to effectively crush stone, sand, gravel and waste materials. Read the following text and see why the jaw crusher is considered to be a vital piece of crushing ad screening equipment.


The jaw crusher is a primary crusher, generally used in mining sites for crushing or reducing the size of large and heavy rocks for further operation. Although it is one of the oldest crushers on the market, the jaw crusher has a simple, reliable and incredibly efficient structure and working principle. As most jaw crushers are made from durable materials, they are widely used for heavy-duty applications that involved crushing coarse materials. With many innovative features, the latest jaw crushers are suitable for materials with different hardness.

The large rocks which are being excavated from the mine sites need to be transported by dump trucks. But, some rock pieces need to be crushed to smaller sizes so that they can be easily and safely transported to the desired location. For that purpose, a powerful jaw crusher is needed. This is the first step of the crushing and screening process.

The efficiency of the jaw crusher comes from the compressive force that is being used. The materials that need to be crushed enter the jaw crusher through a feed opening at the top. Then, they are crushed by two jaw plates. The crushing process takes place in a crushing chamber, and once the materials are crushed to the desired size, they freely exit the jaw crusher from the small gap at the bottom. This has proven to be one of the most efficient crushing methods.

Since most of the machines which are used in the construction and mining industry are unable to deal with large pieces of coarse materials, it is obvious why the jaw crusher is a vital piece of crushing and screening equipment. Operators who need a durable and efficient crushing machine should definitely consider the jaw crusher.