Male Pattern Hair Loss Cure: What Are Your Options?

Male pattern hair loss is a common condition among men of different age groups. It usually affects the top of a head but in some cases, hair loss occurs on the sides as well as the rear of the head, leading to complete baldness. This particular type of hair loss is very often associated with hormonal changes in body and genetic predisposition. Regardless of the cause, baldness is a nightmare for many men. It can’t be prevented and is known to affect 70% of males during their lifetime.


While losing hair cannot be prevented, there are few male pattern hair loss cure options you can try to revert your hair loss condition. Here are some of them.

Natural Remedies

  • Scalp Massage With Coconut Oil – No wonder coconut oil is usually referred to as a ‘superfood’. It boosts energy, helps burn more fat, helps stave off infections, improves cholesterol levels and believe it or not, it can stimulate hair growth.

Massage your scalp with coconut oil (unrefined or pure) with your fingers making constant little circles. Although there are limited studies behind this male pattern hair loss cure option, coconut oil is known to protect hair, keep it moisturized and to provide all the necessary nutrients for the scalp to regrow hair.

  • Natural hair products – Male pattern hair loss usually occurs later in life. However, the hair products that you might be using, can worsen the condition. So reduce or even avoid using chemical-loaded shampoos and gels on your hair. Instead, choose products that are all-natural.

Foams & Lotions

Because this particular type of hair loss is usually associated to free levels of testosterone, to combat hair loss on a biological level, try this male pattern hair loss cure.

  • Foams and Lotions – Some remedies tend to to only slow down the hair loss process. But sometimes, they can also stimulate new hair growth. Minoxidil is the most popular lotion/foam available on the market. It is approved and you can apply it directly on your scalp. Scalp irritation is main side effect.

Medical Procedures & Techniques

  • Hair Transplant – A surgical procedure where small patches of hair are removed from the back of the head and transplanted onto the scalp balding area. It is done in several sessions and involves a risk of skin infection. Although an effective and permanent male pattern hair loss cure, hair transplant is very expensive and great results will depend on the skills of the professional.
  • Scalp Micropigmentation – An immediate hair loss solution that provides a shaved head look. Scalp micropigmentation is a non-surgical, scar free and drug free treatment that is suitable for all types of male pattern baldness and also for all stages. It is also suitable for all skin types, skin colours and age groups.

Scalp micropgmentation is an art of tattooing where only natural pigments are applied to the scalp. This process allows a very gradual rejuvenation of the hair line and it usually requires a minimum of 3 sessions.