Mistakes to Avoid When Shopping For Men’s Sneakers

Whether you’re planning your first marathon, want a brand new pair of kicks for casual nights out, or want to go hiking, there’s definitely a pair of sneakers that’s just right for you. But the process of finding the right ones sometimes can be extremely frustrating, especially with so many different brands and models around. Besides good quality and fit, most of us want good looking shoes that are specifically designed for the type of activities we intend to use them. And while putting down ground rules for what to look for may be difficult as there are no universally ideal sneakers, it’s much easier to know what to avoid and not to buy in order to make the right purchase.

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First and foremost, you need to avoid buying the wrong style and size for your feet. Don’t listen to salespeople by all means. They need to sell stuff, so they might keep pushing a style and size that may not be the right one for you. That’s exactly one of the many reasons why I prefer shopping for men sneakers online – there’s no pressure regarding what I ‘should’ buy, and I pretty much always already know what I’m going for. Forget about the sneakers “stretching out after washing them” or “after wearing them a couple of times” theories. If they don’t fit you right there on the spot, just choose another pair and try that one. This is the only thing that you can’t do when buying men sneakers online though, which is why you need to know your exact size and what style fits you best before you order.

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Then, consider the type of activities you’ll be doing with the shoes most. Don’t get basketball shoes for hiking, or vice versa. Although you can probably get away with hiking while wearing basketball shoes, they’re usually bulkier and not that comfortable for walking long distances. Conversely, hiking shoes don’t offer you the protection you need when playing basketball, as they’re typically low-top. However, regardless of what type you choose, get a pair that offers a great deal of comfort and proper support.

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Once you’ve found a brand and style that suits you well, stick with it. Having various different shoes for different activities is great and all, but some brands are inevitably going to fit you better than others, and you’ll find yourself almost always choosing them over the rest of the sneakers you own. At least, that’s what I do. For instance, if you’re fond of Converse, stick to them, unless you’re looking for running shoes, then you want something like a Nike Air Max that you’ll wear exclusively for that purpose.