Ogio Bag: A Golfer’s Ally

It’s common knowledge that greenery can help you get rid of that modern lifestyle stress that tends to accumulate on an almost daily basis, regardless of how laidback of a personality you may have. In times like these, surrounding yourself with golf-course greenery could be just what the doctor ordered, like Ray Barone’s therapy in Everybody Loves Raymond. 

To make the most of the experience and avoid any additional stress along the way, you need to take care of the organising and safe transportation of all the bits and pieces of equipment. So, as much as the clubs may be important, you can’t overlook the essence of the right bag either. When it comes to keeping everything nicely stored, the Ogio golf bag range is what you should be looking into.

Is OGIO a Good Bag?

Ogio bags
source: ogio.com

If you’re looking for a high-quality, high-performance golf bag, then yes, this is a bag design you can trust. The Ogio brand has the reputation of designing and manufacturing top-notch models that also have plenty to offer in terms of style, so you get the best of both function and aesthetic to play great and look great.

This wouldn’t be possible without their commitment to providing golfers with the best of the best, and in addition to paying a lot of attention to the material they make the bags from, they invest in the careful development of each of the features too, and to prove the quality and reliability of each of the details, they finish off with vigorous testing. They not only comply with industry standards; they surpass them. 

One example is with the details like the Ogio golf bag straps and handles that go through a “jerk test” machine with loads as heavy as 30 pounds to ensure they can handle the weights. Other features, like the zippers, go through rounds of rigorous testing themselves so as to check if they can treat golfers with a long lifespan and durability despite the regular wear and tear. 

Then, there’s also the exceptional choice of materials. They’re not only selected for their resistance to UV rays as well as their exposure to harsh temperatures, but also for their abrasion resistance. In short, they have bags created for each and every concern you might have as a golfer who travels with the golfing equipment to and fro the terrains with the golf cart but also other forms of transport, like cars and planes. 

How to Choose an OGIO Bag?

source: ogio.com

Knowing the excellence of the Ogio golf bags doesn’t make shopping easier because they’re all designed to the same exceptional standards and qualities. Even if you check the bags in store instead of online, you could still struggle with the decision. That’s why it’s necessary to base your decision on essential factors like equipment, storage needs, design, and features. 


Since the clubs are among the most crucial pieces of equipment and tend to be bulky, it’s only natural to use them as primary consideration. The fancy Ogio bags can store a lot more than mere clubs, but if the clubs are the main concern, then based on their number, you can make your pick between the bigger or smaller models the brand offers. The first can pack up a full set of 14, whereas the latter can serve for at least eight and, in some cases, as many as 12. 


OGIO Golf Bag Design
source: ogio.com

Basically, it comes down to whether you prefer the stand or the cart bag type. As you might guess by the names, they differ in the design, with the stand being equipped with convenient legs, whereas the cart is ideal for golf cart use. As expected, the first tend to be more lightweight, not that big but still offering plenty of space for the needed equipment, while the latter is the bigger option that tends to be heavier, and with more space for all your equipment requirements. 


The usefulness of a bag can be seen in the properties it comes with, and the Ogio golf bags Australia retailers can provide you with are abundant in handy properties that make them highly practical and the perfect allies to have at the course with you. 

Whether it’s the handy pockets or storage compartments, you have plenty of space for all the bits and pieces of equipment and accessories you would need with you, and this goes for both the small and big bags alike. This allows you to easily sort your essentials, keep them in separate areas that protect them from dirt and damage. 

The quality of the straps and handles is another feature that’s advantageous as the comfortable, high-quality strap system that’s added makes for a more ergonomic experience that doesn’t put a strain on your hands, or shoulders. This is what makes Ogio better than other brands.