Buying A Used Golf Cart – Gas vs. Electric

Over the years, the number of purchased golf carts has significantly increased and has become a smart and profitable investment, especially for true passionate golfers. But a golf cart is not used for golf purposes only. Truth is that golf carts are becoming a commonly used type of industrial vehicle on construction sites and landscaping projects. Reason? Golf carts are versatile small vehicles that can be driven in areas where larger commercial vehicles cannot.


But, versatility comes at a price. Hence, the latest trend is buying a used golf cart as it seems as a great way to save lots of money and still assure all the benefits of owning a golf cart. In fact, buying a used golf cart sometimes can save up to fifty percent off the cost of a brand new vehicle. Hence, a perfect opportunity to make a great deal, don’t you think so?

The golf cart as a special type of industrial vehicle comes in two main models, depending on the ‘fuel’ it runs on. Thus, we have gas and electric golf carts. Choosing between these two models depends on various factors, such as price, maintenance costs and environment. Here are the main characteristics of both types, so you can easily determine which one best suits your needs.

Gas Golf Cart

This type of industrial vehicle has an engine similar to the ones in cars. It runs on gasoline which is also required for regular engine maintenance. The gas golf car is ideal for uneven terrains and for towing and pulling. One of the greatest advantages of this type of industrial vehicle is general transportation. Furthermore, users can immediately fill the gas tank with gasoline when running out of it, so they do not have to worry nor wait for a battery to recharge.

On the other hand, one of the biggest disadvantages of gas golf carts is the noise they produce when operating. Another important thing to know is that fuel and maintenance costs of this model are higher which is the main reason why many buyers prefer the electric model.

Electric Golf Cart

Powered by rechargeable batteries, electric golf carts require minimal maintenance, which certainly means lower annual costs. This feature makes electric golf carts less expensive, however, these models are limited in power. If the horsepower of a convenient gas golf cart ranges from ten to twelve, the usual horsepower of an electric golf cart is five. Therefore, this type of industrial vehicle is recommended for flat surfaces where no great demands of horsepower are required.

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