Outdoor Furniture: How to Store from Winter’s Roar

Cover your outdoor furniture

We all love our outdoor lounge furniture, but are we taking the proper steps for maintenance once the season for outdoors fun is done? Some people think that putting a few random covers here and there will do, but you must remember that the more you leave your furniture unattained, the sooner you’ll have to look around and shop for new. There are several furniture storing tips that you should look into for the upcoming months and for best results, we recommend to ditch the picking and choosing tactic and go through them all.

In for the Clean

While you’re bracing yourself for the long winter months to come, you might as well roll up your sleeves and give your outdoor furniture one last shine. This way, you’ll prevent the formation of mildew and mold – those nagging, easily spreadable enemies that look for the slightest speck of dust to feed on.

Opt for a new Coat

Giving your precious outdoor lounge furniture a brand new coat of wax or some other kind of special furniture protection will ensure that the odds for rust-free furniture are on your side. Paste wax is the right choice regarding wicker furniture, car wax is perfect for plastic or aluminum pieces, whereas for the items made of metal simply use a high quality protective spray. Just remember that before you use the protective spray on the metal, you must remove all of the existing signs of rust with a wire brush. Don’t rub the wire brush too roughly on the metal if you want to avoid leaving permanent marks. More movements with less force is the way to go if you want to have a neat looking furniture for quite long. Sometimes, there are items that you have neglected and you might think the rust is strong with this one, but you clearly never had water and baking soda solution within your troops as the perfect rust removal agent.

The Power of Cover

After you’ve gone through the phase of cleaning, rust inspection and putting on a new protective coat, it’s time to give way for the strongest of troops to hit the scene. This means that covering your outdoor lounge furniture is indeed the best way to protect it and have it all shiny and ready once spring is on its way. Be mindful not to choose a cover that is way too heavy for furniture that is more on the fragile side. Additionally, make sure that it fits the item properly, not too loose and not too tight – just right! Waterproof is a word that we needn’t even mention since that’s the whole point of buying covers for outdoor lounge furniture, right?

Finally, clean, coat and cover your outdoor furniture so that you can avoid paying the cost to winter’s frost!

Source: Seating and Lounging – MilanDirect