Restaurant Seating that Can Help You Make the Most of Your Space

When opening a restaurant, the ultimate key to your success is attracting and fitting in as many guests as the space permits. Did you already make sure to create a mouthwatering menu, attractive prices, and a pleasant ambience? Well, in that case, choosing the right seating may be the final piece of your success puzzle.

stackable dining chairs

As a restaurant owner, being able to sit more guests means enjoying an increased profit. However, the size of the venue may present a challenge in doing so. What’s more, a venue that’s packed to the brim with seating can feel suffocating to guests and drive them away. With that being said, it’s of major importance to pick seating that allows you to make the most of your space. To make it easier for you, here are some of the most space-savvy seating solutions for restaurants.

stackable dining chairs1

Stacking Chairs

Fast food joints and casual cafes use folding chairs as they are easy to stock when not in use. However, cheap and flimsy folding chairs will look out of place in a fancy place such as a restaurant. Luckily, there’s a far more aesthetically pleasing solution when it comes to compact seating – designer stacking chairs. Unlike folding chairs, designer stacking chairs can look far more expensive and elegant. They also include features that enhance comfort such as an upholstered seat, a curved back and armrests which your guests will definitely appreciate. When stacked vertically, up to 9 chairs can take up the space of only a single one.

Banquette Seating

Usually, the most unused part of a restaurant venue is its perimeter, whereas the centre is where most of the seating is concentrated in. But with the help of banquette seating, you can make the most of the outer edges of your venue too. Just line your walls with a row of booths and tables and see how all your guests are immediately drawn to them. I’m sure the intimate and cozy feeling booths provide can make them the most popular seats in your venue.

Bar Stools

If you have a bar, you have a great opportunity to add some extra seats without compromising the rest of your space. A restaurant bar equipped with bar stools is ideal for those guests who come in for a couple of drinks or the ones done with dinner but who still want to hang for a while and enjoy the band and the beautiful atmosphere.