Royal Adventure Of Creed Perfume

Did you know that the entire fragrance market exceeds $27.5 billion in annual sales thanks to the hundreds of perfumes being launched every year? With so many choices available, we began taking perfumes for granted. Burt this was not the case back in the 1800s. At the time, fragrances were a true luxury. For example, the popular brand at that time was renowned Creed and only Queen Victoria, King George and few other powerful people had the privilege to enjoy the sensual scents of this perfume house.


Creed was the most popular fragrance house back in 1780s. And still is because it is the only fragrance house that uses a 4,000-year-old infusion technique that includes the highest concentration of essential oils. Today, Creed perfume line includes amazing perfumes like Milesime, Love in White, Fleurs de Gardenia and many others. It is No.1 one brand and a top choice of many celebrities like Lana del Rey, David Beckham, Angelina Jolie, etc. Read on to learn more about royal adventure of the king of all perfumes.

1781 – Creed fragrance house created the first Creed perfume for King George III. King George III personally requested a scent that will copy the smell of his favorite leather gloves.

1845 – Queen Victoria ordered the fragrance makers to create the new Creed perfume Fleurs de Bulgarie, which is still available on the market today.

1855 – The brand receives the first royal warrant issued by the Queen Victoria herself. Since the House of Creed has been honored with seven royal warrants.

1920 – Creed perfume Tabarome Millesime,was specifically made for Winston Churchill in 1920. This Creed perfume featured the same tobacco-scented twist the original Tabarome Private Collection had in 1875. This custom fragrance is not available to the public. It is locked in a vault.

1948 – The perfume Vetiver is launched. This amazing perfume that includes notes of cedarwood, ambergris, aromatic oil from roots of vetiver grass, was worn by the popular US president John F. Kennedy.

1956 – Prince Ranier ordered special perfume to surprise his fiancee Grace Kelly (The Princess of Monaco). Creed House created perfume Fleurissimo.

1970 – Creed open first boutique in Paris. Around 30 Creed fragrances became instantly available to the public.

2000 – The brand starts creating luxury soaps, lotions, perfume oils, aftershave and deodorants.

2010 – The brand decides to pack all fragrances in a hand-blown Pochet glass flacons.

2014 – Perfumer Oliver Creed launches the latest Creed perfume collection The Aqua Originale. The price of each bottle is $300, because only the finest and most expensive raw ingredients from around the world are used.