Safe Driving Tips

For a perfect road trip, you need a car in perfect driving condition. Your vehicle is a perfect getaway gadget to visit the big city, take a hike in the woods, go on a fishing trip or for simply having a barbecue in a nearby park. Before you hit the road, you should make sure that your car is in a perfect driving condition. After all, nothing can ruin your trip like getting stranded on the side of the road waiting for help. In order to avoid such situations, follow the steps below.


Check Your Tires – Inspecting your tires is always a great idea before going on a long trip, regardless if it is summer or winter. Know that with constant driving, tires deflate and they need to be properly inflated as recommended by the manufacturer. Low tire pressure greatly affects the fuel economy and ability to brake, and makes it hard for your vehicle to steer, which is a serious safety issue. Also, if your tires are worn out, or have blisters, make sure you replace them with the new ones before going on a trip. For this it is best to take the car to a professional tire and brake service Melbourne workshop as they have skills, equipment and knowledge for such task.

Inspect Your Brakes – Your brakes are definitely the most important safety part of your vehicle. Worn or damaged car brakes can lead to serious accidents and injuries. For a proper and detailed brakes inspection, take your car to a reliable brake service Melbourne workshop. For most vehicles, the inspection takes just few minutes and can definitely save your and the life of other passengers while on the road. By taking your car to a reputable and experienced brake service Melbourne shop, you will be sure that you car will be in the best driving condition. Reputable brake service Melbourne shop has the trained technicians, proper equipment and tools and experience to detect and fix any brake problem.

Inspect Your Belts – With extensive usage, the belts become brittle and dry, and this cause them to crack and break. If your car belt snaps while on the trip, your car will stop working and you will lose a lot of money and time because it will have to be towed to the nearest car shop. Inspecting you car belt at your local workshop will definitely save you time and extra money.

Top Off Coolant – The cooling system in your car is vital for impeccable car performance. Keep in mind that you need to regularly check weather the air conditioner filters need to be changed. Most vehicles have gauge that shows the right level. Check the coolant level if the vehicle is not been used for a longer period of time.

Refill The Window Washer Fluid Reservoir – When going on a trip, make sure you have enough window washer fluid as it enables you to clean these stains from the windshield easily. This fluid is cheap and you can buy it at your local auto parts store.