The Newest Komatsu Excavators

Komatsu is a globally known manufacturer of high quality construction machines and equipment. In its product range, Komatsu includes various machines that are used for a variety of tasks, such as: backhoe loaders, bulldozers, excavators, dump trucks, skid steer loaders etc. The Komatsu excavators are some of the finest on the market, because they stand for durability, power and excellent performance. Recently, Komatsu introduced its new line of excavators. These new machines come with innovative features, compact design and unique configuration. The following text will present the new Komatsu excavators.

PC228USLC-10 Hydraulic Excavator. This new model from Komatsu features an EPA Tier 4 diesel engine that provides enough horsepower for performing even the most challenging operations. When compared with the previous Komatsu excavators, this model provides around 7% more horsepower. It has an operating weight of around 25 tons, and it is described as tight tall excavator. The compact and rounded design of the cabin allows the machine to rotate within the same swing radius. Thanks to that, this excavator is capable to work and perform operations in tight and confined areas. Equipped with innovative Komatsu variable geometry turbocharged system and exhaust gas recirculation, this hydraulic excavator offers more precision and excellent results on the job site.

The Newest Komatsu Excavators

PC88MR-10 Hydraulic Excavator. With a capacity of 65 horsepower, this hydraulic excavator is powered by a four cylinder Tier 4 diesel engine. It has an operating weight between 8.5 and 8.7 tons. This new excavator delivers improved efficiency, low fuel consumption, greater operator comfort and improved serviceability. It also eliminates the gap between the compact and large sized Komatsu excavators, because it can be used for a variety of utility, construction and landscaping applications. This excavator comes with the newest Komtrax remote monitoring technology that allows data access by the web or via Komtarx mobile application. This technology provides vital data, such as fuel level, operating hours, maintenance schedule etc. Like all new Komatsu excavators, this model comes with auto idle shutdown function that minimizes the operating costs.

PC55MR Compact Hydraulic Excavator. The PC55MR hydraulic excavator has an operating weight between 5 and 6 tons, and it is equipped with a Tier 4 diesel engine that satisfies the gas emissions standards. This new excavator is designed with a swing boom and innovative hydraulic swing mechanism that enables the machine to work effectively in narrow and confined areas. The standard auxiliary hydraulic system can be easily changed from one to bi-directional flow for achieving better results and increased productivity.

All these Komatsu excavators offer something new to the construction sector, and with the proven and innovative Komatsu technology behind them, it is inevitable that these machines will be accepted quickly.