The Timelessness of Scandinavian Trends

Who doesn’t love a timeless design, right? It’s about continuity of beauty, something that connects generation after generation, thus continuously gaining in value. This is exactly what Scandinavian design represents, and it’s no surprise we’ve been in love with it for decades already.

furniture Scandinavian modern

What Makes Scandinavian Trends Special?

Sure, one might think it’s been quite some time now that Scandinavian interior trends were at the centre of attention, so surely they’re about to fade yet it can’t be further from the truth. When you buy furniture Scandinavian modern design you buy something that’s creative, meaningful, and beautiful, and the outcome of making it part of your home would be cosiness and warmth.

The minimal lines aren’t the only reason we’ve fallen for the design, there’s also the fact sustainability and affordability play a crucial role, and the high-end craftsmanship makes for quality furniture pieces that can be a real legacy. Besides, furniture Scandinavian modern design can seamlessly fit in a home, even if your interior style isn’t strictly Scandinavian.

Abundance of Options

That’s what I love about Scandinavians, their exemplary way of living leaves behind plenty of options to choose from, and it’s not just about the interior, it reflects on the lifestyle and well-being too. Just because hygge was the main buzzword of 2016 doesn’t mean it’s lost its hype two years later.

Danes have mastered the philosophy of cosiness that we’ve all come to adore, and that’s what the hygge trend represents: enhancing our homes with soft designs, colours, and materials, embracing natural light, and enjoying more candlelit gatherings with friends and loved ones over board games and coffee, dressing soft clothing.

Not long after, lykke (pronounced loo-kah, Danish for happiness) followed in 2017, the happiness trend encompassing a broader scope, from surrounding yourself with furniture Scandinavian design that evokes pleasant feelings (e.g. helps relieve stress by providing storage for clutter), to eating favourite food, anything that makes you smile.

Of course, Swedes had to join lifestyle trends, so along came lagom (pronounced lar-gum), the Swedish art of moderation, the doctrine of just enough, as it translates as not too much and not too little. Unlike hygge, lagom is about the essential, no exaggeration whether it’s the home’s interior, what you eat, and what you dress.

Whichever you adopt of the three, functionality and minimalist aesthetics is what you can expect to have more of in your day to day life.