The Ultimate Shoe Shopping Guide for the Modern Man

So, you’re past the trending sneaker and jeans phase and heading into searching the world of premium leather dress shoes. Whether your sense of style is moving you forward or the many formal occasions you’ve found yourself in lately, know that this change is perfectly acceptable and even much needed. It’s a crucial turning point in any man’s transition from a rough and tumble 20-something to a polished 30-something adult. But where to start? Does quality matter? Which styles are best for starting your shoe collection? Here’s everything you need to know.

Why Are High-Quality Shoes Important?

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As with anything else, the first question that comes upon your shoe-shopping endeavour is if investing in a pair, or several, of high-quality dress shoes is worth it. Will you get what you pay for? The answer is yes: investing in luxury men’s shoes is worth it. Think about this: your shoes are the point of contact with the ground. They’re vital to your daily well-being since you walk around in them daily, under all kinds of weather. Here are some reasons why you must visit a well-equipped men’s shoe store, whether online or in-store, to find the ideal men’s shoes for you.


One of the strongest arguments against purchasing cheap shoes is this one. Paradoxically, they cost more. Named for a well-known Terry Pratchett quotation, this is known as “Boot Theory”, and economists have accepted it as a valid concept. It simply comes down to this: while a quality pair of leather boots can last up to ten years with proper care, trying to save money by purchasing cheap boots will wind up costing you more in the long run. Invest in one pair of high-quality shoes and take care of them rather than throwing out your cheap, old shoes every year. You’ll save money, and the environment will benefit as well.

Walk in Style

Although the style is individual, premium leather shoes look far better than their cheap substitutes. They’re an expression of your sophistication. Your classiness. Your focus on details. A poor pair of shoes may ruin an otherwise lovely ensemble by directing attention downward, which is never good. You can build your outfit from the ground up with premium leather shoes. Begin with high-quality shoes and gradually create a matching look.

Enhanced Confidence

The sensation is well known to anybody who has ventured out in brand-new leather shoes. Shoes have an emotional impact. That’s true for any high-end wardrobe selection, such as a new briefcase, suit, or belt. Even if taken as a practical accessory, luxury shoes affect your confidence. Consider how wearing various shoes can alter your mood: dress shoes are sophisticated and put together; military boots are daring and bold; and sneakers make you feel sporty, fun, and ready for anything. Simply said, quality makes us feel good, and that is always a worthwhile investment.

Good Posture

Choosing the correct fit and shoe is essential when considering all the intricate biomechanics that go into every stride you take. According to studies, wearing well-fitting shoes can enhance your posture. They better fit your feet and are more supportive and comfy. Have you ever noticed inexpensive, flat shoes hurt your feet after a long day? That’s because they provide no heel support, arch support, or bracing structure. Instead of working with your feet, they work against them.

Shoe Style Suggestions for Your New Collection

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You might wonder where to start when creating a well-rounded shoe collection. Well, the key is to be flexible. For any social event that comes your way, you want to have one or two pairs of shoes. 

Wearing different shoe types also indicates you change up your daily shoe wardrobe. And it matters a lot. Have you ever wondered why leather shoes usually wear out in six months? Usually, it’s because you grind them down into the earth. Since leather is a natural material, it needs time between wears to recoup and breathe. Your shoes will last much longer if you have a collection of adaptable shoes you can wear regularly. Here are the four most popular shoe types to look for when visiting a men’s shoe store.

Chelsea Boots

Nothing is more fashionable, durable, and adaptable shoes than the Chelsea Boot. Wear it with cream chinos and a navy jacket for an outdoor wedding, or pair it with blue denim and a tee for an elegant outing to the neighbourhood watering hole. It’s one of the few pairs of shoes that, barring a black tie event, you could theoretically wear almost every day.

The best thing is that, with appropriate maintenance, a good pair of Chelsea boots may last a lifetime. The more age and polish they receive, the better they will look as the leather breaks in and a few scuffs contribute to the unique character of the shoes.


The beloved icon of Italy’s more carefree tailoring scene has seen a major comeback in recent years. The classic penny loafer and the tassel loafer are the most popular versions, but there are also more relaxed versions that go well with shorts in the summer.

Although it doesn’t have to end there, wearing a loafer looks great with fitted cotton slacks or chinos and a statement jacket. You can readily discover that wearing loafers with a suit is appropriate with a quick glimpse through social media.

Lace-up Shoes

The most essential pair of dress shoes a man can own is the traditional leather lace-up. Perfect for formal and informal occasions, these shoes allow you to indulge in spending without guilt because they won’t wear out. Wear brown shoes with anything in between and black shoes with black suits.


Oxfords are the superior formal shoe, but you can find many more fun and trendy varieties. We recommend investing in a pair of brogues, which express a more laid-back, European attitude and the art of perforating leather, ideal for smart-casual occasions and laid-back weddings.