The Use Of Rollers In Road Construction

The compaction process is one of the key aspects in almost every road construction project. This is true because the success of the project and the quality of the road depends greatly on the compaction process. There are several different compaction machines which are used for completing various compaction tasks. The roller compactors are definitely some of the most commonly used machines, and by far, the most effective compaction equipment that guarantees successful compaction and great results.


The road construction project involves many steps and stages. Clearly, any road project begins with clearing and preparing the ground for construction. These preparations include proper ground compaction and here’s where roller compactors come into action. Generally, the weight of the rollers is used for surface compaction during the road construction process. The initial ground compaction is completed with rollers that are equipped with tires. The tires are more flexible and allow the roller to make vertical movements on the ground. Because of this, the roller can be operated easily on irregular surfaces. The final compaction of the road surface is completed with the use of rollers which are equipped with metal drums. The weight of the drums allows more effective and high compaction results to be achieved.

Variety of options are available for contractors when roller compactors are needed. They can choose either to rent drum or wheel rollers, or to buy compaction machines by searching available wheel or drum rollers for sale. The selection of the most appropriate models depends heavily on the nature of the construction work and type of material that needs to be compacted. The moisture level, the ground conditions, the weight that is required for achieving desired compaction results, etc. also affect the selection of the roller compactor. The selected compaction roller must ensure and guarantee that the foundation of the soil is properly compacted. Proper compaction is essential for preventing the materials of becoming too loose.

The most common rollers which are generally used in road construction are the static weight rollers. These rollers are designed with one steel drum and a single axle. The compaction with these machines is achieved by pushing the soil upwards as the drum moves on the ground. The three wheel roller compactor is another commonly used compaction machine for road construction. This roller model is generally used for the compaction of bituminous materials in fine and thin ground layers. It comes with one big wheel roller at the front end and two small wheel rollers at the rear end. The front roller is steered and the back rollers are driven. Currently, the diesel powered roller compactors are the main rollers used in the road construction.

The operation of the roller compactors depends greatly on their weight, which determines the amount of the compaction force that is being applied to the ground surface. In road construction, different roller models are used at different project stages, depending on the type of the material that need to be compacted.

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