Tips on Choosing the Ideal Yoga Cushions for Your Zen Zone

Your body is neither predictably curved of completely flat. So, without the proper support, it will succumb to the shape of the surface of which it rests. This causes the spine, hips, legs, head, and shoulders to misalign which can further result in discomfort. Meditation cushions and other props can greatly improve your posture thus boost your comfort during your yoga sessions.

Practicing yoga may look as simple as just wearing pants and stretching on a foamy mat, but the truth of the matter is, you need to also be equipped with a variety of yoga cushions Australia experts claim. But with the overwhelming variety of types and brands, how do you know which ones are right for you? Here is a bit of help on the matter.


Zabuton yoga cushion

If you are constantly dealing with the same problem where your ankles or feet ache while practicing yoga, you are probably using the wrong type of yoga cushion. Your best bet is getting a zabuton cushion – a must-have yoga prop for the ultimate experience. This type of cushion is a large low-floor model that’s filled with cotton batting. Once you place it under your buckwheat, the zabuton cushion will provide you with padding for your lower legs, feet, and ankles which makes it a life-saver for any sitting practice.

Bridge cushion

The bridge yoga cushions Australia professionals claim, is perfect for people who prefer kneeling while practicing. It is one of the tallest types of cushions which makes it a great choice for people with tight hips. The bridge cushion can be used for sitting Burmese style (foot in front of the foot), kneeling, or sitting cross-legged. It is a versatile piece of equipment because it can double as a yoga bolster and provide you with support in the backbends and other postures. In order to take off the pressure in your shins, ankles, and feet – stick to this model.


Home meditation cushion

This is a great choice for floor sitting as it’s wide enough to support you and keep you steady during your practice or casual sitting. Also, it is tall enough to provide great support for people who have tighter hips. The home meditation cushion can help you create your perfect zen meditation corner or you can set up multiple cushions around a coffee table and create the perfect setting for your guests. If you combine a home meditation cushion and a zabuton one, you will create a combination that will help you take off the pressure of your ankles and feet while also creating an ultimate bohemian style seating.