Tips to Make Over Your Outdoor Space to Expand Your Home’s Entertaining Area

A property’s value is heavily influenced by the number of rooms and amenities, but what’s on the outside also matters. A well-kept yard and usable outdoor living areas can all add up to a significant rise in value. So, if you want to add another figure to your property, doing a few backyard improvements can help your home make a positive first impression without requiring a large exterior overhaul.

Garden Shed

small storage shed at the end of the backyard

Having additional storage space is a huge added benefit. Many potential buyers appreciate having the additional storage room for items such as gardening equipment, automobile souvenirs, winter gear, and maybe some disused old furniture. When it comes to property value, the space should be at the top of your list, and while many believe that a shed takes up much room, the fact is quite the opposite.

The extra room provided by large storage sheds allows for greater activity within the houses, which is a very positive thing. So how do you pick a shed that can enhance the functionality and looks of your property? The quality, durability, design, and materials used to construct your shed must be effective in the long run, otherwise installing a garden shed just for the sake of it won’t increase the value of your property.

That being said, do not settle for mediocre materials and poorly constructed sheds. Most of the time, you’re going to look for steel and metal. Metal sheds are often built of galvanised steel, zinc-plated steel, or powder-coated steel. And if you’re looking for a long-term storage solution that won’t rust after a couple of years, consider investing in one of the large storage sheds built from high tensile steel.

man pushing a woman in a wheelbarrow in front of a large storage shed

The AZ150 High Tensile steel is the best one on the market and has been scientifically tested to resist the harshest environments where weather or corrosive conditions are a big factor. Metal shelters are quite secure, and many of them come with a standard pad bolt. Even if they do not include a lock and key, adding a padlock is a simple and affordable process.

Many people believe that a metal shed is a better thief deterrent than a wooden shed since it has a more imposing and stronger appearance that will talk a burglar out of breaking it. Furthermore, metal sheds do not have any “panels” that might have microscopic holes or nooks and crannies through which water could potentially sneak in. A metal shed will keep your stuff dry and protected from the elements.

Outdoor Lighting

woman setting table under beautiful garden string lights

Another way you can add value to your property is to install outdoor lights. Outdoor lighting is a simple and reasonably affordable solution to increase the visibility of your property and make it seem lovely at all times of the day.

You can use flood lights to throw shadows or outline bushes, gazebos, or other landscaping objects, or you can add some spotlight to your plants in your front yard to create focus spots that attract people’s attention. Additionally, having garden outdoor lighting can help you avoid some unwanted injuries and falls. It also reduces the possibility of someone slipping and falling on your property.

You should pay special attention to high-traffic areas such as pools, decks, and other outdoor seating spaces or your large shed – anywhere where you’ll be spending most of your free time. Designing these entertaining areas and implementing upgraded lighting systems around them will dramatically boost the value of your house and provide years of enjoyment to your family.

Fire Pit

garden chairs around lit fire pit under a tree

Gathering around the fire pit, making s’mores, telling ghost stories, or simply relaxing with a drink of wine, is a timeless tradition. The fire pits not only offer a comfortable atmosphere to your house while you live in it, but when it comes time to sell, more house hunters will see themselves moving in and enjoying that fire pit than if you didn’t have one.

Having a fireplace on your deck or patio can help to centre activities and reduce the likelihood of people wandering away. Because existing architecture may be built upon for permanent fires, you have a little more discretion here. Large fire furnishings also function better in close proximity since they do not dominate the area as much as they would out in the open. However, with covered patios, you must be cautious of the ceiling clearance and ventilation, as well as ensure that the area meets any minimum manufacturer standards. Safety before party!

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are popular additions, and most experts believe that homeowners who instal kitchens in their outdoor living spaces will recoup their investment when they sell their houses. Unlike house additions which may be prohibitively expensive, a well-designed, practical outdoor kitchen can be less expensive while adding more value to your property than it costs. This means you’ll get more bang for your buck! A covered outdoor kitchen as an extension of the interior living rooms gives so much more usable space both indoors and outside, with the added benefit of being usable all year.