Types of Chairs to Enhance the Aesthetic & Comfort in Your Dining Room

People who enjoy having guests in their house often find the dining room a source of pride. Properly seating everyone is an essential aspect of an aesthetically pleasing and functional dining room.

Armchair for Classic Dining Room 

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The classic armchair is one of our favourite dining room chair styles. Their larger size, commonly employed as a side chair, gives depth and character to dining room settings. They’re an exquisite alternative with a more formal look, but they also go well with more casual styles. This type of dining chair typically has upholstered seats, which are more comfortable than rigid materials. The modern armchair is the ideal option if you’re looking for comfortable and stylish dining chairs. 

Side Chair for a Traditional Seating 

One of the most traditional types of dining chairs is the classic side. These get their name because they sit on the “side” of the table, making them a “dinnertime mainstay.” They might be informal or formal, depending on the type of dining table you have. Moreover, side chairs come in various styles, so you will likely find dining chairs that match your taste.

Parsons Chair Fit Everywhere 

Another dining room classic is the Parsons dining chair. It’s named after the Parsons School of Design in Paris, and it has slim, basic lines with an upholstered seat. This dining chair style is available in any fabric you can think of, giving you many options. Since their other name is classic, Parsons can be used in various styles—rustic, transitional, contemporary, modern, traditional mid-century modern—you name it! Additionally, they are very comfortable chairs for dining and usually fit well into smaller dining rooms because they don’t have big arms.

Wingback Chair for Sophisticated Dining Look 

A wingback chair is an excellent option if you want a comfortable but stylish setting. This chair for dining has “wings” along the side to give it a distinctive appearance; it’s usually only used at the table’s head. They are generally upholstered and filled with nailheads for a more conventional and refined aesthetic. These dining chairs aren’t suitable for messy youngsters because they’re entirely upholstered and require maintenance.

Ladder Back Chair for Rustic Style Lovers 

The ladder back dining chair is usually made of wood and has horizontal slats spread along the back of the chair. These slats give the ladder back chair a light and airy appearance, making it perfect for informal sitting arrangements. They are a fantastic option for a kitchen table and go well with more rustic and classic aesthetics. 

Slat Back Chair for Casual Setting 

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Slat back dining chairs have vertical slats for a laid-back, charming look. They work best with traditional and rustic dining styles and can be dressed up for formal settings or toned down for a casual look. Since they come with solid or upholstered seating options, the back slat chairs are functional seats ideal for informal dining and families with children. 

Windsor Chair for an English Dining Style 

The Windsor chair is based on designs from the early English period. These dining chairs have a half-circle back with supporting vertical slats or rods and spindle legs. Rustic, traditional, and vintage styling all look amazing with these chairs. 

Cross Back (X) Chair for Stylish Approach 

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The back of the Cross Back chair is shaped like an X, giving it a light and airy appearance. These dining chairs come in various styles, including café, rustic, and contemporary chairs. They are ideal for a formal and stylish dining area. Since they are often made of wood, they are child-friendly and easy to clean! 

Slope Dining Chair for Simple Décor 

The Slope dining chair has a simple shape, it’s cool and elegant. It features a plush upholstered seat, usually made of leather or synthetic leather. Their sleek, factory-style feel makes them ideal for modern rustic and industrial styles. Moreover, the faux leather is easy to clean, making it suitable for children and pets.

Barrel Back Chair for Super Versatility 

When you sit down on a barrel back dining chair, you can sink into the bowl-like backrest. These chairs are pretty adaptable—some of them can rotate back and forth and double as desk chairs. The upholstered seats are incredibly comfortable for extended periods, and they are stylish yet not stuffy. Barrel back chairs are perfect for mid-century modern, minimal, contemporary, and industrial decors. 

Splat back Chair for Gothic Dining Look

The vertical column on the back of these dining chairs is the “splat back.”.  They are made of metal, but they had a more gothic and English design in the past. Metal chairs are often lightweight, making them suitable for both indoor and outdoor dining. This chair type is also ideal for a cool, industrial-chic aesthetic dining room, plus they’re very easy to clean. 

The Iconic Wishbone Chair 

The Wishbone Dining Chair is a classic Danish design with a wood base and woven or upholstered seating. They are both comfortable and beautiful, with an elegant, curved frame that forms a wishbone shape on the back. Eclectic, mid-century contemporary, rustic, minimalist, and bohemian designs all work nicely with this dining chair.

Cantilever Chair for a Unique Household

One of the most unusual dining chair designs is the Cantilever Dining Chair. It acquired prominence in the 1970s and is still popular among design enthusiasts today! These highly flexible chairs can be upholstered or solid, with caning being a popular choice. They go well with various styles, including industrial and mid-century modern.

Slipcovered for Hosting Formal Dinners 

For a formal dining room, consider the slipcovered chair style-it can instantly elevate your place. Slipcovered chairs can be purchased as is, or you can dress them up by covering the frame with a slipcover. Because the cover can be quickly removed and washed, they make cleanup a breeze. As a result, the slipcovered chairs survive longer, which is fantastic because of their high price. They go well with both traditional and classic styles.

Plastic Molded for Scandinavian Dining Style 

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The Plastic Molded chairs are trendy chairs inspired by the Eames chair. This Scandinavian trend is light and airy and provides your dining room with an ultra-modern look. They are easy to clean, making them ideal for families with children. And, because these chairs are usually solid colours with metal or wood legs, they are highly versatile and go well with both minimalist and modern styles!