Make the Wash Basin the Focal Point in Your Bathroom

Bathroom remodeling includes taking a lot of things into consideration and that inevitably includes the wash basin. The role of the wash basin is twofold, they serve the practical purpose we all are well aware of and they also have a say in the aesthetics of the room itself. In light of that, let’s go through some different types.

wash hand basins1

Wall-Mounted Basins

These are the most common type of wash basins available on the market. Wall-mounted basins do not require a separate counter or some kind of table to hold them in place because they are attached directly to the walls of your bathroom. They are simple to use and easy to install. This type of wash basins most often comes in white, and there are many styles and shapes for you to choose from.

Table-Mounted Basins

These also are quite common and offer a wide choice of shapes and sizes. In order to stay in place and function properly, this type of wash hand basins requires a counter or table. These counters and tables can be made of wood, metal, glass, marble or granite.

wash hand basins2

Coloured Wash Basins

What makes these wash hand basins different from the ones mentioned above is the many different colours they come in. You can choose from a single-coloured wash basin or from some that come in a combination of colours and patterns.

Marble Wash Basins

This type of basins is most often made of cream or black Italian marble. These are made with special tools which polish and shape slabs of marble into unique wash basins. Marble wash basins go well in bathrooms that use marble flooring and wall-panelling.

Counter Wash Basin

The bowl in counter washbasins comes in circular, oval, square or rectangular shape. There are two types of counter basins – under and over counter wash basins. A simple difference between the two is that if you can see the rim then it is under counter basin, and if you can’t then it is over counter wash basin.

Wooden Wash Basins

Wooden basins are made of bamboo wood which has to be compressed under high pressure and heat in order to create an unusual washbasin design. Most of these are made to be table mounted and are completely water-proof.

Some tips for maintaining a fresh look of the basin longer include wiping the surface with a soft cloth or a sponge after every use and regular cleansing with non-abrasive liquids. Using bleach or chemicals that contain acids is not recommended.