Women’s Hats: The Fashion Staple

Though the world of accessories for women is endless, there are few pieces that can emphasise or completely transform a look no matter how old or new, and even transform your face, the way hats can, so no, they’re not only the answer for bad hair days.

The story of hats goes a long way back in history; While primarily they were worn out of practical purposes, it wasn’t long before they turned into status symbols. This particularly flourished throughout the Renaissance, and it was the fashion of the courts that dictated the level of extravagance hats would carry but it all changed as soon as aristocrats started losing their privileges during the French Revolution.

The real boom of women’s hats, however, happened throughout the period known as the “Golden Age of Millinery” in the 1930s when looks were more practical and still staple pieces. One might argue the hat industry was far bigger and more glamorous than it is nowadays but it’s far from the truth.

Hats have made their fashion comeback, and the wide range of womens hats for sale one can find in accessories stores today is the proof.


Proportions, proportions!

You can find your everyday hat, or even the hats for every event yet it’s important to note, just because you love a specific style, it doesn’t mean it’s your best fit same as it goes for sunglasses; the wider the face, the wider the suitable hat, as opposed to small faces in which case tiny hats are more than welcome.

In other words, remember to choose proportionately. A bad example would be going for wide-brimmed styles and ending up losing your face in the outfit.


The Thing Called Taste

Just because the versatility of womens hats for sale is wide doesn’t have to mean you ought to wear whatever is considered to be the fashion. You can base your quest for the ideal hat on the outfits you wear, your personal taste, and use them as the complementing pieces that would make your looks pop.

The Occasion

Another important aspect when buying a hat is the occasion you intend to use it for. This would help you narrow down your choice; for instance, pom pom panama goes well with jeans and t-shirts same way baseball caps do, perfect for a day out with friends, concerts, or even a trip to the shops, but it’s not the case with cocktail dresses.