Why using the services of a registered migration agent

maraMigrating to a foreign country is not that problematic and stressful if you have the help from an migration expert who can guide you and help you with everything. Using a registered migration agent will only help you with all migration procedures, but will also save you a lot of time and money. A migration consultant will also make sure your application satisfies the criteria of Australian Immigration Department which will maximize your chances of obtaining desired visa.

Every registered immigration agent is responsible for lodging the application correctly with all additional documents required and is also obligated to keep you informed about everything throughout the whole process.

The main and very important thing to remember, is that you have to use the services from a registered migration agents only. To be more specific, immigration agent must be registered with the MARA – Migration Agents Registration Authority. This way you’ll be sure you hire an agent that has required experience and knowledge of immigration law and different immigration procedures. Immigration agent must be loyal; must conduct according to the Code of Conduct supported by the Australian Government; must know the Australian law and must follow all law and privacy changes. MARA is working with Migration Institute of Australia (MIA) in order to educate and inform all agents about new migration laws and possible changes and updates to current ones.

Therefore, when choosing your immigration specialist, ask for valid certificate and documents that will prove he/she is registered with the MARA. The other important thing you need to consult your agent is whether you are eligible for the visa you’re applying for. He/She must advise you on which Australian visa is right for you. Other important things you should ask your chosen migration agent are service cost, various visa fees, his work experience, outcome of cases similar to yours and what are your chances of obtaining Australian visa.

In conclusion, every migration agent must be of a good character, meet the required qualifications, must be registered with the MARA and most importantly, he must help you throughout the whole migration process. These are the most important things you have to know when choosing the right registered migration specialist.

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