Why You Should Choose Hypnotherapy To Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking

If you are a smoker who is trying to quit or have tried before, then you know how difficult and tiring it can be, both physically and mentally. Maybe you feel you’ve tried everything, but those cravings for smoking still overpower your conscious.

You may be asking yourself why this happens? The answer is, the day you’ve convinced your body this habit was acceptable, your subconscious became convinced too. Now, your subconscious doesn’t give up the habit easy. That is where hypnotherapy to stop smoking comes in.

Why hypnotherapy?

Why should you choose hypnotherapy to stop smoking? To understand how hypnotherapy works, and therefore how it can benefit you, it’s important to understand how the mind functions.

As you may known, the mind is consisted of the conscious and the subconscious, separated by a filter that analyzes every piece of information that is received. The conscious mind keeps your logic, reason, will power and decision making skills and represents only 12% of your total mind. On the other hand, the subconscious contributes to up 88% of your total mind power and keeps all your automatic and accepted behaviors such as speech, writing, driving, etc, and yes, smoking.

All the information kept in your subconscious mind is considered a total truth. So, when you try to introduce new ideas to it, like for example, ‘I am going to quit smoking’, your subconscious may reply with something like: ‘No thanks, we’re fine just the way it is and will not changing a thing.’ And what happens is the conscious and subconscious start to go against each other. And since the subconscious represents 88% of your total mind, it always wins.

Hypnotherapy To Stop Smoking

Hypnotherapy to stop smoking is one the most effective treatments to help you ditch the bad habit for good. However, if you are considering to stop smoking with hypnotherapy, the first thing to do is to ensure yourself you want to quit smoking. The fact that your spouse wants or your doctor said so, is not a valid reason and will not help you achieve the results you want.

Hypnotherapy works by bringing you to a deep, relaxed state of mind where your subconscious will be more open to suggestions. At that point the hypnotherapist will work on modifying your actual thought patterns by making new suggestions, such as ‘I do not want a cigarette’ or ‘I hate the smell of a cigarette smoke’. The hypnotherapist may teach you also various techniques, for you to practice at home.

While some smokers find hypnotherapy to stop smoking enough to quit the habit, others may need to combine it with medication. It is important to mention that hypnotherapy to stop smoking is not a quick fix and may require several sessions.