A Blast from the Motorcycle Past: Vintage Collections

Old Motorcycle Owner

People collect all kinds of stuff, from toys to sneakers and everything else in between. Think of anything, and I mean ANYTHING and there’s probably a person somewhere in the world that’s collecting it. Although it seems like a hobby, many psychologists say we all have different motivations for collecting. Some people collect for investment, some for pure enjoyment and some to expand their social lives attending swap meetings and exchanging information with like minded people. But for everyone, collecting is a quest. Once you’ve entered in the world of collecting, there’s almost no way you’re getting out of there because it seems like a never-ending journey that offers something new and cool with every next step you take. For many psychologists, collecting could be a means to immortality, that hidden human desire that not even the richest man in the world can fulfill.

The satisfaction in collecting for some comes from experimenting, re-arranging and classifying parts but it also comes from the desire to look into the past for a better understanding of the present. Many people collect old photographs that offer them a look in the old days, others collect old clothes that give them a feel for vintage fashion and there are even some that collect such big and glorious stuff like motorcycles. There are people all over the world who could die for their motorcycle collections, because these are normally not as cheap as the others mentioned above. Normally, the motorcycle collectors are passionate bikers or simply passionate lovers of everything old and vintage.

Vintage Motorcycles

Oftentimes motorcycles from collections are not just interesting objects, if they are properly taken care of many of them can still be used as vehicles. Not all the motorcycles from vintage collections are that old though, so imagine riding around the city with a good old Harley Davidson? All the eyes would be on you and the coolness around you. But maintaining an old motorcycle is not a piece of cake. People who like to show off their two-wheeled collection to the world need to make sure they find all the right equipment that will make the old engines work smoothly again. Engine oils, different parts and accessories and quality motorcycle cleaning products are the essential tools for every old motorcycle owner that wants to bring their bike back to life. However, even if the motorcycle is yet another valuable object for your collection, maintaining it is of a paramount importance. It’s not just giving it a quick clean. Motorcycles require a lot of maintenance and especially if they are only meant to serve as artistic objects. There are many motorcycle cleaning products available that will keep the bike shiny and nice – just like new.

Many classic motorcycle owners have an impressive collection of all kinds of tools they use for maintenance, because it’s not just about hoarding. Keeping and collecting these rare objects is not just a motorcycle obsession, it’s a real passion and their way to show respect towards the old rock n roll bikes that made the world go crazy about them. Although not many collectors use their old motorcycles for daily rides, the mere thought of owning them gives them pleasure and even a little bit of pride. The world has seen many weird collections, but the motorcycle collections are not one of them. The collections of rare vintage motorcycles are a real heritage from the past that especially reminds us of the technology progress that humankind has made throughout the years. Plus, vintage is so “in” these days, we see everything vintage from clothes and furniture to cars and motorcycles. This means that the world definitely needs a little blast from the past!