Adorn Your Windows with Stylish Cellular Shades

Windows, the eyes of our homes, often go unnoticed when it comes to interior décor. I used to be one of those who didn’t much care about window treatments even despite my joy in decorating my living area (guys who aren’t decorators can have fun too!). I think it had to do with the lack of time to take care of more items. I remember my mother’s struggles with curtains over the years, having to wash them regularly because of my father’s allergies and that’s how I grew to avoid them. Of course being a man who lives on his own doesn’t help either as I always end up with different priorities than those I set for myself before so washing curtains would definitely make it at the bottom of the list.cellular-shades

Besides, I was ahead of my time too, being trendy with bare windows even before minimalism spread it worldwide. As much as it suited me, I wasn’t that happy with the way energy was going to waste and I neither managed to get warm in winter nor cool in summer so I started thinking about the footprint impact, using the air conditioner more than I should. It turned out this wasn’t the only problem I was experiencing since my furniture was losing its spark due to the over-exposure to the damaging UV rays. Who knew cloudy days have the same effect on it as those of full sun! As the saying goes “you live and learn”, so I got to go on furniture shopping much earlier than expected. Bare windows were no longer the option if I wanted to protect the new look of my interior which is how the charm of custom-made cellular shades became part of my home.

Also known as honeycomb, these shades are famous for their energy efficient properties. This is possible with their ingenious design that consists of air cells that retain air thus they create the perfect insulation, including that of sound. Apart from being very elegant and stylish, cellular shades come in different colours to match your taste, plus they differ in their thickness. Single cell shades let more light in but if you want more control of it and privacy the choices are semi-opaque and blackout. You can control them by a cord loop, cordless lift for a clean look and safe for kids, and even a motorised lift.

The possibilities you get with these shades are endless, they can easily become part of any room in your home and define the décor. Now I’m able to have a hold of the energy, stay warm and cool accordingly and, much to my surprise, I don’t even get to do a lot of cleaning.