A Rookie’s Guide To Buying A Tractor

You finally bought the land but are not sure which equipment you’ll need to ensure quick and efficient completion of farming tasks and fruitful harvest. Whether you plan on being a part-time or full-time farmer, quality equipment is imperative when it comes to farming. The most commonly used farming equipment is a compact tractor. Brand name, attachments it supports, maintenance, handling and tasks it can preform, all determine the quality of a tractor. For example, Enfly tractors are becoming increasingly popular among Australian farmers because they are compact, durable, very efficient and easy to maneuver. But, whichever tractor you choose to buy, an Enfly compact tractor or some other brand model, there are certain things to consider.

Consider Farm Tasks – The first thing you need to determine is what will you use your compact tractor for. If you plan to use it for mowing only, then you can purchase less powerful tractor. However, if you will need it for plowing, harvesting, cultivating or other more demanding tasks, then consider buying an Enfly tractors. These diesel powered machines are reliable and designed to provide high torque at low speed with the help of various implements. Enfly tractors can be upgraded with box grader, rotary cultivator, fertilizer spreader and other implements. You can also use compact tractor attachments such as grader blade, landscape rake and rotary clutter to complete regular chores like fencing, grading and clearing debris.

Enfly tractors

Horsepower – When buying a tractor, horsepower is very important. For basic barn chores you need minimum 20-plus horsepower and a PTO ( power take-off) rating of 15. If you need a tractor for mowing, then the one with 35 horsepower or less is sufficient. But, if you plan to use the tractor for other farming tasks such as harvesting, plaguing, cultivating, tilling, harrowing, digging, pushing or pulling trailers, thenyou will need a compact tractor with over 50 horsepower. Look for Enfly compact tractors that feature great stability on slick, steep and rough terrains such as Enfly tractors. These four-wheel tractors are more powerful than you think and are extremely durable, reliable, easy to operate and maintain and have long service life.

Used Or New Compact Tractor – It is best to invest in a new tractor instead of buying a used one. It is a bit costly investment, but in the long run it will bring you higher return since you will not be faced with frequent repairs, common characteristic of used trucks. Also, newer compact tractor models come with various features which ensure easy handling and higher safety. Almost all models come with seat-belts and built-in rollover protection (ROPS). If you want impeccable performance, reliability and affordable price tag, then you should consider Enfly tractors. They are among best tractors in the world, easy to operate and maintain and are super durable and reliable.

A Hydrostatic Transmission – Buying a tractor with hydrostatic transmission is same as buying an automatic car. It is a little bit more expensive, but is easier to operate. Make sure you buy a tractor with a tandem instead of a single hydraulic pump to prevent loosing the steering power when using implements. Enfly tractors, the four-wheel machines provide effortless power steering and stability when heavy lifting.

Maintenance – Maintaining a tractor is important to ensure long service life. Read the owner’s manual and follow the maintenance schedule in order to keep the tractor in good condition. Most of the things such as checking air filters, changing engine and hydraulic oil, cleaning, etc. are easy DIYs and should be done regularly. For a thorough inspection checks and serious repairs, visit a reputable mechanic.

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