Benefits Of Scalp Micro Pigmentation Hair Loss Treatment

Androgenic Alopecia, one of the most common forms of hair loss is not a result of stress, or wearing a hat every day, or your hair in a ponytail. It also isn’t caused by nutrient deficiency nor by sebum. This form of hair loss occurs as a result of hormonal imbalance or genetic predisposition. Simply said, if you have been diagnosed with alopecia, you are losing your hair because of genes inherited by either parent. Your follicles are more sensitive to the changing hormonal activity in the scalp. The follicles at some point become more sensitive to the hormonal change and experts do not know why this happens. The hair loss problem is most common among people younger than 20, but kids and adults may also be affected.


Because the hair loss is becoming a more common problem for both men and women, there are many Hair loss treatment available. However, not all are effective. Lately, the more popular hair loss treatment has been the scalp micro pigmentation. It is used to treat male baldness and is ideal solution for men who like the ‘shaved head’ look. This hair loss treatment uses pigments (colour is matched to the natural hair colour of the patient) to tattoo them on the scalp of a patient to create a look of a shaved head. The pigments, needles and other equipment used for this hair loss treatment is completely different from the ones used in the traditional tattooing. Here are few of the benefits of this popular hair loss treatment.

Costs Less – Scalp micro pigmentation hair loss treatment costs less when compered to hair transplantation. In fact, about 1/3 less than a surgical hair transplantation. Also, with this treatment there is no need to use any medications post surgery to recover easily.

Safer – Another great benefit of this hair loss treatment is that there aren’t risks of incision, infection and it is pain-free because of the use of local anesthesia. Also, you will see immediate results.

Perfect Illusion Of Real Shaved Head – Unlike wigs, hair extensions and other hair pieces, scalp pigmentation hair loss treatment offers a realistic illusion of shaved head. With hair pieces, regardless of the quality, people can notice it is not the real hair. With scalp pigmentation, your friends, co-workers and neighbors will think you are just following the latest hair trend – shaved head.

Fast Healing Time – Scalp pigmentation offers fast healing, usually from two to four days. Almost all patients are able to return to work and other activities withing two days. What is most important about this hair loss treatment, is that it can be colour restored and updated regardless of your previous color. The colour can be changed depending on the client.