Clothes Tell Stories – What Do You want Yours to Be?

Fashion is one of the simple pleasures in life that feeds both mind and soul. Some men would beg to differ (well, minimalists too), not understanding what all the fuss is about shopping for the perfect outfit. The phenomenon of clothing is it can easily transform a person from rags to riches, looking like a pauper one minute, the next – a businessperson. Whether we like to admit or not, we’re visual creatures who create impressions about someone firstly based on their looks. Even if you think people might not do so by your style, just think of the situations when you did that with people you’ve just met. We might say there’s a psychology of dressing well. They don’t say dress to impress for nothing.


No matter your age and whatever the current trend is, it’s your personal style that never goes out of fashion. It’s not to say we’re all always up for spending hours in quests for the perfect attire, but clothing has a great deal to do with mood which is why you’ve probably heard many people say shopping makes them feel good. Next time you think they’re bluffing, try it out yourself and prepare to be convinced (if you aren’t already). Though the world of trends is constantly upgraded, it’s important to take out whatever suits you most and leave out the rest. This way you’ll only wear something that speaks about your personality.

Never underestimate the power of accessories. If you want to make a lasting impression, make sure hats become part of your lifestyle. They can turn you into a classy, chic, modern woman in an instant, plus depending on the design, they can help you make a statement and express your individuality. There are plenty of hat choices to make you stand out so make sure you buy women’s hats on your next purchase. They have the magic of transforming your outfits, even the same ones. Try wearing same clothes with a different hat and it’s going to seem like you’re wearing new ones every time.


Whether it’s an elegant work dinner you have to attend, a casual stroll with friends or an exciting date, just arm yourself with the right hat and you’re sure to make a lasting impression. You can further accentuate your style with a unique piece of jewellery, headscarves and bags. You have it in you, now unleash the fashionista and mesmerise the world with a breeze of change to your wardrobe and buy women’s hats, bags and all the bits and pieces of accessorising you think can help define your persona.

It takes being daring and creative to be one-of-a-kind. Colour has a great role in accentuating your outfits, mostly because subconsciously we associate colours with certain feelings. When you find the colour that expresses your feelings perfectly, make sure you enrich your wardrobe with more of it. Along with protecting us from weather conditions, clothes are meant to inspire people; is your outfit showing a woman who seems like she’s seen a lot of the world and travelled to far off places, a creative artist, the woman who’s always in a hurry or a happy person who’s in love with dressing well and life? What are the stories your clothes are telling?