Engineering And Mining Surveying

Engineering and mining surveyors are the first to be called on the construction site before any building or development is being done. The reason surveyors are important part of any construction job is because they are able to provide the technical data which can help other professionals to plan and design. The surveyors are able to provide their professional set of skills and advices for building and development of various architectural structures in our modern age. These includes the construction of our homes, the development of our Australian cities and the links between them. Engineering and mining surveyors take measurements of the natural environment using various surveying equipments, such as a plane table, satellite measuring equipment, a barometer, levels, ground-based laser scanners, etc. Such surveying equipments and taken measurements will provide the accurate data.


This is not the only role of the engineering and mining surveyors. Their surveying measurements assure that the building or development is built or constructed according to the plan, as well as any redesigns or amendments that might be required along the process. When the construction is completed, engineering and mining surveyors return to the construction site to take additional measurements with various surveying equipments in order to make sure particular structure was built according to the design and specifications. In some countries, mining surveyors are needed throughout the mining process to monitor the site to ensure the safety of the workers.

Engineering and mining surveyors can also expand their sets of skills and learn to deal with other aspects in the development process, which are usually performed by other professionals. Throughout the long history of construction, engineering and mining surveyors have been involved in all big projects, such as the Pyramids in Egypt, Taj Mahal, Shangai Tower and many others. The major projects in Australia that relied on engineering and mining surveyors and their surveying equipments are Sydney Opera House, Sydney Harbour Bridge, Parliament House Canberra, Clem Jones Tunnel and others.

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