Everything You Need To Know About Boom Cranes

Boom cranes are very common machines at construction sites. These machines have the capability to be raised hundreds of meters up in the sky and to reach long distances. The boom cranes are used by construction workers to lift and move very heavy loads from one place to another. These machines are used also in other industries like manufacturing facilities when large machines need to be assembled, and in transport industry for loading and unloading frights.

When you look at these incredible machines, surely several questions go through your mind like: How boom cranes work? What are the main elements of a boom crane? Why don’t they fall or tip over? How can such a long boom lift and move very heavy loads? If you ever wondered how boom cranes work and what they can do, read on to find answers to many of your questions regarding boom cranes.

There are many boom crane models, and each one is used for a particular purpose. For example, the tower crane is most commonly used boom crane used for the construction of tall buildings. But all of them are generally designed with the same basic elements:

  • Boom-Cranes-partsBoom. This element is probably the most recognizable feature of the boom crane. It is the long fixed or telescopic arm that is used for moving loads and items from one place to another.
  • Counterweights. The counterweights of boom crane are usually placed near the rear end of the cabin. The counterweights keep the boom crane from falling when heavy loads are being lifted and moved from one place to another.
  • Jib. The jib is another important element of a crane. The boom of the crane is extended with the jib.
  • Rotex Gear. The rotex gear gives the boom crane the ability to rotate for increased maneuverability on the ground.

Although boom cranes which are used today are equipped with the latest technology, earlier models of boom cranes date back to ancient times. The ancient Greeks were the first civilization to use the advantages of the boom crane. At the beginning, the cranes were powered by human effort. Later during the industrial revolution, the boom cranes were powered by steam and petrol engines.

Boom cranes are multi-functional machines capable of performing various kinds of lifting tasks, and their work is based on some simple physics principles and laws. A heavy load is attached at the short end of the boom. The load can be lifted by applying force to the long end of the boom. The lifting action takes place with assistance of a fulcrum which is placed bellow the boom. Boom cranes are generally used at construction sites or in ports for efficient lifting and moving of heavy loads or cargo. Today, the boom cranes come in various forms and shapes, designs and with different lifting capabilities.

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