Facts You Did Not Know About Leather

Leather is one of the most luxurious and practical materials. It is also the most durable material which is why it is preferable choice when it comes to upholstery. The leather used for upholstery does not tear, burn or melt easily and regardless of how often it is used, the finish and dye will not fade, peel or crack. This is why the leather perfect is for home and office furniture. Unlike the artificial leather, the genuine one will not become cold in winter or hot and sticky in summer because the leather is a natural material that breathes.

About Leather

Leather furniture is more expensive than the one with fabric upholstery, but is worth it and will last an average person’s lifetime with the proper care. If you want to do the leather cleaning on your own, make own cleaning solution. Mix ¼ cup olive oil, ½ cup white vinegar and few drops of lemon juice or eucalyptus oil in a spray bottle. The vinegar is perfect for removing dirt and the olive oil will give an extra shine to the leather. However, professional leather cleaning is recommended from time to time, especially if the leather furniture is white or in other lighter color. Never use dry cleaning products to clean genuine leather products because the chemicals found in them remove the natural leather oils leaving the upholstery dry and without shine.

Therefore, it is always better to use professional leather lounge cleaning services that will revive your leather furniture and leave it looking like new. Leather lounge cleaning differs from the usual upholstery fabric cleaning because the leather is more delicate and cannot be cleaned with products that contain strong chemicals. Lounge cleaning with products that contain harsh chemicals can damage the leather and even peel it. For this reason, always opt for leather lounge cleaning services offered by a reputable leather lounge cleaning company. Leather cleaning is performed by skilled technicians who use different stain protectors depending on the type of leather. Here are some interesting facts about leather that you most likely did not know.

  • An average person can have at least four leather products on at any time. For example, handbags, shoes, wallet, belt, etc.
  • The people in Ancient Greece and Rome were using the goatskin to make maps and the hand-stitched pigskin was used as a bottle for water.
  • Nowadays, almost all leather is made of cattle skin. The deer and lamb skin is used for more expensive apparel. The elk skin and deer skin is used for making gloves and the indoor of shoes, and the pig skin is used on seats of saddles and apparel. The buffalo, alligator, snake, goat, kangaroo and ostrich skins are mainly used for making an expensive shoes, boots and handbags.
  • Nappa leather is a dyed leather made from lamb, cow or other skin by tanning. It was created in 1875 by Emanuel Manasse while working for Swayer Tanning Company in Nappa, California. The nappa leather is soft and is often used in making leather products like shoes, clothing, upholstery and handbags. Nowadays nappa leather can be full grain or corrected grain leather.
  • Suede, leather with a napped finish, is made from the underside of the animal skin and is used for making shoes, bags, upholstery, jackets, shirts, purses and other products. The term comes from the French phrase “gants de Suede” which means Swedish gloves.
  • Nubuck is quality leather that has been sanded to achieve velvet surface. It is resistant to wear but scratches easily. This type of leather is very similar to suede. The only difference is that the suede is made from the inside of the animal skin and the nubuck from the outer side.

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