Single Drum Rollers

The process of soil compaction is one of the most important part in the construction of roads, highways, buildings, various foundations, embankments, air fields and many other construction projects. The stability, durability and the overall quality of a certain structure depends on proper ground compaction. Compaction is described as the process of mechanic densification of the ground where new structures need to be built. Soil densification is achieved by using powerful compaction machines that have the power to press the particles of the soil tightly together so that air and water can be expelled from between the soil particles. Different types of soil compaction machines are used for achieving different compaction results. Rammers, rollers, plate compactors and many other machines are available today for the process of soil compaction. One particular compaction machine that is quite popular in the construction industry is the single drum roller.




The single drum rollers play essential role in the process of creating high quality load bearing foundations for different construction projects. The soil compaction process should not be compromised, therefore only strong and powerful machines need to be used for achieving effective results. Many manufacturers produce different single drum roller models with different specifications and configurations, all with one goal and that is to offer high quality compaction machine. Generally, the single drum roller is designed with one roller drum at the front and pneumatic tires at the rear end of the machine. The metal drum and the tires are connected by articulated joint or rigid frame. The operator cabin is located at the middle of the machine, while the engine is located behind the operator cabin. With such design, the operator has increased visibility and an excellent viewing area in front of him.


The single drum rollers usually are powered by diesel engines and include a vibration unit for effective compaction on the ground. There are also gasoline powered single drum rollers. A scraper can be mounted on the single drum roller to prevent soil build up on the ground. For higher compaction power on the ground, an additional weight can be attached to the rear end of the machine. The weight of the roller can range from 5 to 18 tons, with the power ranging from 25 to 160 kW.


The single drum rollers are described as robust, versatile and compact machines. They are used for various applications such as: pipeline and road construction, foundations, embankments, backfill and many other earth works. Some roller models come with additional rock crusher. This special attachment is generally used for pulverization and compaction of a soft and medium hard grounds that contain rocks. The advantage provided by this attachment is that the rock materials can be crushed and compacted at the same time. Single drum rollers equipped with vibratory plates are used for compacting loose soils. The excellent compaction performance and compact design is what makes the single drum rollers to be widely used construction machines.

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