Howdy Cowboy: Your Guide to a Stylish Country Western Outfit

Have you ever watched any western movies with cowboys? Well, if not, chances are you might have seen something similar in real life, whenever you go to work, for a walk, shopping, etc. Although western wear is most prevalent in the south and west of the United States, nowadays, western-inspired outfits can be found everywhere in the world, and they’re quite popular down here in Australia.

Why? Because western wear is comfortable and durable. Plus it’s easy to achieve the iconic wild west look by getting stylish countryman shirts, cowboy boots, blue jeans, belts, hats, bandanas, and other accessories. So, without further ado, let’s see how you can incorporate some pieces of this iconic look into your everyday western style.

Every Cowboy Outfit Needs a Western Shirt 

men with horse and cowboy style

Shirts are an essential piece in every man’s wardrobe. The same applied to every cowboy. You probably already own many that can be perfect for achieving that cowboy look without even knowing. So, before you start ordering or shopping for that western style, look at the shirts you already own.

Remember that western-style shirts are simple, and they should be loose-fitting. So, if you have any long-sleeved cotton shirts that you own that are button-down, they might be a great place to start. If you don’t, there’s a variety of countryman shirts you can shop online at convenient prices.

They can be plain white or plaid in different colours. Flannel shirts are classic and can make any man look like a cowboy in seconds. You can wear it buttoned up and tucked in your blue jeans with the spectacular belt showing. Just add the boots and hat.

Also, you can choose collared shirts or collarless. The choice is up to you. Just make sure you opt for a long-sleeved shirt instead of short-sleeved ones. Why? Because long-sleeved shirts are the standard. They were always the first choice for cowboys, even in summer, because they spent most of their days out in the open. The long sleeves helped them stay cool even when it was scorching hot outside and protected them from any serious sunburns.

Also, long-sleeved shirts were perfect for keeping warm in the breezy summer evenings after the sun had gone down. Another significant advantage of wearing long-sleeved shirts was that they did not get dirty or bitten by bugs, insects, or mosquitos.

If you want to leave an impression and go the extra mile, you can look for some embroidered shirts. There are western shirts for men with floral and cactus embroidery, only floral embroidery, piping, a fringed navy western shirt, and more.

You can also experiment and try some half-button shirts as well. They are comfortable, loose fit and you can choose any colour you prefer. Most importantly, they are made from cotton.

Complement Your Shirt with Denim Pants

Once you’ve chosen the shirt, you can now look through your denim collection and choose the next essential piece for your outfit – jeans. You can pick blue jeans, but make sure they are long enough to cover the boots. Tucking your jeans inside the boots is a no-no, especially for achieving this look.

If you don’t think you have the right ones, you can always order online or go to shops and get a pair of cowboy jeans. One thing you’ll immediately notice is how different cowboy jeans feel compared to your regular pair of jeans.

Cowboy jeans are stiffer, thicker, and more durable. They are made for rough work and rough terrains. They need to be since cowboys used to be in them all day long while herding the cattle, taking care of other animals such as horses, going on cattle drives, making or repairing fences and buildings, etc. They had to be thicker to keep them warm and protected from scratches or cuts. Also, cowboy jeans are starched, which prevents wrinkling and, most importantly, dirt build-up. Keeping that in mind, having such a pair will last you a long time.

Buckle Your Belt, Partner  

cowboy belt

Big, heavy, and attention-grabbing; that is a true cowboy belt, my friend. It is an iconic piece, and once you’ve put on your jeans, it’s time to belt up with a western belt.

You can look for some cowboy belt buckles and put the one you like the most on your interchangeable leather belt. You have many designs (silver belt bucker with “cowboy” saying on it, horse design, bull design), styles (plate-style), shapes (oval-shaped), and sizes that you will be spoilt for choice. However, the most important thing is to choose a design that is unique or meaningful to you.

Grab Your Boots and Hit the Road  

Cowboy boots are another iconic piece that puts this whole outfit together. They can boost any outfit, even if you’re just wearing a regular black T-shirt and jeans.

The traditional cowboy boots are narrow and pointy at the toes, with an angled heel and mid-calf shaft. Cowhide leather was the usual material for creating cowboy boots. They were, however, better suited for horseback riding than walking because, after all, they were designed to be practical riding shoes for many cowboys and horse riders. Horse equipment required cowboys to wear narrow, pointed boots that allowed them to easily slip out of the stirrup. The mid-calf shaft protected the cowboys from thorns, chaffing, snake bites, etc.

However, modern cowboy boots can be round, square, or wide-squire, cutter-toe cowboy boots, and many more. They can come in a variety of colours and designs, as well as be made of various materials. You can choose whichever feels best on your feet. You can also match the colour of your shoes to the colour of your belt, such as brown boots with a brown belt, among many other combinations.

Hats and Neckerchief for Extra Protection and Style 

men wearing cowboy hat and playing on guitar

Why do cowboys wear a bandana? Well, they were a huge necessity to complete the look. They were tied around the neck and used as towels and protection from the sun, dust storms, cold weather, etc. Nowadays, you can tie them around your neck in a variety of ways. For example, you can tie a bandana loosely, in a bow or knot, folded. Honestly, you can get creative, and it is up to you.

Finally, this look would not be complete without the good ol’ Akubra hat. It is not only functional, but it is also extremely fashionable. It can complement every outfit, from a regular white T-shirt and blue denim jacket with jeans to a complete cowboy outfit.

To sum up, the western look can never get out of style. It inspires everyone starting from the countryside up to the urban areas. So, partner, get ready to embark on your new adventure. Yeehaw!