Shiraz vs. Syrah: What is the Difference?

If you are one of those who enjoy a glass of good red wine occasionally, you probably have tried or even are a fan of the Shiraz and Syrah red wines. But have you ever asked yourself what is the difference between these two world-known red wines? Or, is there really difference between Syrah and Shiraz? Many believe that Shiraz and Syrah are very different red wines in all aspects – taste, flavor, aroma, texture, grape variety, etc. The truth is that both Shiraz and Syrah are in fact made from the same dark skin grape variety. Depending on the climate and the grape, Shiraz and Syrah may have few different characteristics. Read on to find out more about the differences between these two amazing red wines.

Shiraz Vs. Syrah

The Shiraz and the Syrah wines are generally very bold and fully bodied. People often experience dark ripe fruit, such as blackberries, and pepper in these wines. Based on the soil and climate, the grapes can vary greatly. Usually, the Syrah label is used in Europe, while the Shiraz label is used in Australia. The Syrah wines tend to be peppery, spicy and smokey, with tar and leather flavors. This name is also used in New Zealand, South America and United States.

In contrast, the Shiraz red wine in Australia is more fuller-bodied, taste jammier, with more alcohol content and power. The Shiraz red wine can also be found in Canada and South Africa. Some wineries produce both Shiraz and Syrah, and sell them in separate wines. But there isn’t really any difference, except in the name. Both wines are made of Syrah grape. This grape variety is mostly grown in Rhone, a wine region in France, and is used for making fully bodied, dry red wines. There are few myths about this grape. One of them is that this grape was originally brought from a city in Iran named Shiraz. However, there aren’t really any proofs that can back this myth.

The one Syrah wine that differs from the Shiraz is the Petite Syrah. This wine is made of different grape varietal than the Shiraz and Syrah. The key when choosing between Syrah and Shiraz red wine, is to specify what characteristics you like in red wine. If you like fruit-forward, concentrate wine, stick with Shiraz, but if you like finesse and spice, then go with Syrah.

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