Simple Guide To Cabernet Wine

The Cabernet wine is one of the most popular red wines, grown in many regions all over the world. Since it is grown in different regions with different climate, the Cabernet wine has various flavors, depending on the place where it was grown and produced. If you enjoy bell pepper flavors, green olive, black cherry or flavors of herb, and cassis, then the Cabernet wine is ideal choice for you. Depending on the region where it was grown, the Cabernet ripens differently and gains various flavors. For example, the Bordeaux and the Tuscany Cabernet versions have intense astringent tannins, while the Napa style is deep purple-black dense wine with strong currants and black cherry flavor. Which one you will find amazing, depends on your personal taste.

Cabernet Wine

The Cabernet wine is a full-bodied red wine with dark fruit flavors, and differs depending on the region it is grown in. He re are the differences between two Cabernet wines coming from two different regions:

  • The Cabernet wine that comes from the Bordeaux region offers herbal flavors of violets, tobacco and graphite. The smell of this Cabernet wine reminds of black cherries, licorice and earthiness.

  • The Cabernet wine that comes from California has a fruitier touch than the Cabernet coming from the Bordeaux region. The flavors of black cherry, black pepper and licorice are also present in the Californian Cabernet wine, but this wine includes a dash of vanilla for more intensive flavor and smell. The Cabernet wine form California has less tannin and acidity, but greater percentage of alcohol.

Due to its complexity, high tannins and savory flavors, the Cabernet wine is ideal for high calorie foods. You will be surprised how good a glass of Cabernet wine goes with a charred Gruyere burger, marinated rib-eye steak or a pizza. To overcome the savory berry flavors of the Cabernet wine, you need to pair this wine with strong flavor foods. The Cabernet wine is a very popular wine around the world, and every year a Cabernet day is celebrated in every major city from Sydney to San Francisco. Next time you have a birthday or other special occasion to celebrate, chose the Cabernet wine.

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