Skates: Choose Your Type and Join the Hype


Skating is tons of fun. Whether used as a means for getting around town, freestyle, recreational or speed racing, it’s of great importance that you have the right pair of skates. Thanks to modern technology, buying a pair of skates has never been easier. All you need to do is sit down on your computer, search for skates online and you are bound to find the perfect pair in a few hours.

A few things that can help you narrow down the choice of skates you want to get, are knowing what type of skating you will most often do with them, and your budget. Some skates have four wheels, two on each side, and some have four wheels aligned behind each other. The choice of whether you’ll get one type or the other, is really dependent on the type of skating you will perform. To further narrow down your choice, look for reviews and models of skates online and decide which pair will be best for you. Let’s take a look at the different types.


Recreational Skates

These skates are designed for hobbyists that look for multipurpose skates that can turn easily. They have harrow wheels and tall lace-up boots that are usually made of a soft shell with improved ankle support. They come with both indoor and outdoor wheels and heavy aluminium plates for added durability. Recreational skates are considered the most economical type.

Speed Skates

Speed skates come with a regular toe stop, they are used for recreational and competitive speed skating and are designed to ensure maximum comfort and speed. It’s important to have all the right protection equipment when riding speed skates because you might seriously injure yourself if you fall down at high speeds.

Artistic Skates

These skates are designed for maneuverability, stability, precision and grip. They usually come with lace-up tall leather boots for an increased stability. They are especially designed for jumping, are very lightweight and have wheels that are smaller than the average. They also have a jump bar and a heel to help with landings.

Besides picking the right skates, you should also consider getting safety equipment. Why? Well, skating can be considered an extreme sport, as you will often be riding at high speeds and performing tricks, thus it is a must that you keep yourself well protected at all times. Accessories that will protect your joints and head should come as a priority in order to avoid serious injuries. You should look to purchase from a known and reputable seller to ensure that the skates you buy are worth your money, and won’t break in the middle of a ride and do you harm.