The Largest Mining Trucks In The World

As a result of the high demand for huge capacity trucks that offer extremely high productivity, the mining trucks just keep on getting bigger and more efficient. The mining trucks and trailers are used for removing gravel, sand and dirt from construction sites, and the more they can remove at once, the more profitable the business will be. If you are looking for the best truck and trailer sales for your mining business, here are the largest and most efficient mining dump trucks in the world (based on payload capacity):


#1: Belaz 75710 – Since its introduction in 2013, Belaz 75710 is the largest mining dump truck in the world with payload capacity of 450 tonnes. This superb truck by the Belorussian company Belaz is not a heavy-duty truck, but an ultra heavy-duty dump truck. With 20.6m length, 8.16 height and 9.87 width, the Belaz 75710 is capable to move a 450 tonnes load in one go. This beast is powered by two 16-cylinder turbocharged diesel engines with a total power output of 2,300 horsepower. Belaz 75710 comes with electro-mechanical transmission which uses an alternating current. Its top speed? 103 km/h!

#2: Caterpillar 797F – As one of the biggest manufacturers for heavy-duty equipment, Caterpillar has produced the world’s second largest mining dump truck – the 797F. Introduced in 2009, the 797F has a payload capacity of 363 tonnes, which is a significant improvement when compared with its predecessor. This 14.8m-long and 9.75m-wide mining dump truck has a gross operating weight of 623 tonnes and uses a 4-stroke, 20-cylinder Cat C175-20 turbocharged diesel engine. Lastly, this beast has power output of 4,000 horsepower, and its top speed is 109 km/h.

#3: Terex MT 6300AC – Terex MT 6300AC is next in the list of the largest mining trucks in the world. Introduced in 2008 by Terex and later re-branded as Bucyrus truck, the MT 6300AC has a payload capacity of 400 tonnes and belongs to the class of ultra mining dump trucks. Featured with a 4-stroke 20-cylinders diesel engine that provides a power output of 3,750 horsepower, the Bucyrus MT 6300AC has a gross operating weight of 598 tonnes. Its top speed is 103 km/h.

#4: Liebherr T 282C & T 284 – Liebherr T 282C and Liebherr T 284 are two heavy-duty mining dump trucks with a payload capacity of around 360 tonnes. The gross operating weight of these two mining trucks is 600 tonnes, and they belong to the latest class of trucks from Liebherr. Equipped with a 20-cylinder diesel engine, Liebherr T 282C and T 284 are ideal trucks for various mining applications. With top speed of 103 km/h, these models are probably the best truck and trailer sales you can find on the market.